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My warranty has expired, how can I have my scooter repaired?

For products requiring repair or maintenance no longer covered under our one-year warranty, we offer three options:

1) Home Repair​

We provide a range of spare parts on our website for simple repair and maintenance tasks. You can find these parts on our website HERE. ​If you need a part not listed, please contact us at help@pureelectric.com

​2) Local Repair

For more complex repairs, or if you prefer not to perform the repairs yourself, we partner with independent e-scooter repair agents across the country. To find your closest repair agent, their contact details, and to book your scooter in for repair, click HERE

Alternatively, a local repair store may be able to assist you if our repair agents are too far away. Let us know which parts are needed, and we will email you an invoice and post the parts to your chosen repairer..

3) Pure Electric Repair​

Alternatively, we can arrange for your scooter to be collected and shipped directly to our Pure Electric workshop. Here, our expert technicians will diagnose the fault(s), provide a quote for the required work, and, upon your approvaland payment of the invoice, complete the repair.

If you wish to proceed with this option, please email us the following information:
a) The model of your e-scooter (e.g., Air3 Pro) along with photos of the front, back, both sides, the dashboard, and the serial number (located on a white sticker under and around the deck).
b) A brief description of the problem you're experiencing, and any additional photos showing the issue, if safe to do so.
c) Confirmation of whether you still have the original box the product came in.
d) A £40 advance payment, covering the £20 courier costs for collection and return, and a £20 diagnostic fee. Note: If you proceed with the repair work, the £20 diagnostic fee will be deducted from your bill.

Once we have received the above details, we will email you a link to make the £40 payment for the courier and diagnostic fee.

Updated on 31 May 2024