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Fitting solid tyres

We get it, punctures are the worst and fitting a solid rubber tyre can seem like the ideal solution to prevent it happening.

However, after extensive testing, Pure Electric does not recommend the use of solid rubber tyres on e-scooters unless specifically recommended by the manufacturer.

Fitting a solid rubber tyre reduces the level of vibration that would typically be absorbed by a air filled tyre.

That increased vibration not only reduces ride comfort but can also lead to excessive wear and damage to the components including the chassis and battery. Both of which are critical to maintaining the safety of the vehicle.

As rider safety is our number one concern, we strongly advise the use of pneumatic tyres only.

If you have previously fitted a solid tyre to your Pure Electric scooter, we recommend you revert to pneumatic tyres, which can be purchased from our website here.

A video guide on how to change your tyre can be found here. 

Whilst you are changing the tyre we recommend a visual inspection of your battery pack to ensure no damage has been caused.

Updated on 25 Mar 2024