E-scooters are the next step in freedom of movement and a cleaner, more sustainable future. Our own brand Pure Electric scooters have won awards from Expert Reviews and T3 magazine and boast class-leading hill-climbing ability and are all waterproof. 

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  • UK designed for UK riders. Loved by hundreds of thousands riders globally, our multiple award winning e-scooters are built to go far, take on hills and ride in the rain.

  • Yes, electric scooters are legal to buy, but it is illegal to ride a privately bought electric scooter on a public highway. Electric scooters are only legal to ride on private land with the owner’s consent, unless they are specifically part of a council run rental scheme.

    For more information, read our in-depth blog on electric scooter laws.


  • Not all electric scooters can be ridden in the rain. This depends on their 'IP rating' e.g. IP65, where the second digit refers to water resistance.

    We recommend only riding an e-scooter with a rating of 5 or higher, and picking a model that has a warranty which covers water resistance to the IP rating standard.

    This shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of its products and ensures that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.

    All Pure E-scooters are rated IP65 and any damage from rain is covered in our warranty.

  • Although most e-scooters look similar, key differences make them either a pleasure to ride or frustratingly limiting. To find out more about the features you need to look for, check out our blog.

  • As privately-owned e-scooters are illegal to ride on public highways in the UK at the moment, it is not possible to get insurance on them for use outside of your home or on private land.

    For use at home they can be covered under your standard home insurance policy. If you are unsure if yours is covered, please check with your insurance provider.

  • We do not recommend someone under 16-years-old rides an adult-sized e-scooter, unless specifically recommended by the brand.