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Deck replacement

Note: The following information is only applicable to Pure Electric generation 2 products: Go, Air, Pro and LR.

We’re sorry to hear that your deck has been damaged, the good news however is that it’s relatively easy to replace.

In order to complete the work you will need the following:

  • A flat blade screwdriver
  • A 2.5mm allen key
  • Either a 3mm or 4mm allen key
  • A replacement deck – you can buy a spare direct from Pure Electric here.

The “how to” video guide can be found here. We strongly recommend watching all the way through to decide if you want to complete the repair yourself.

Don’t want to get your hands dirty?
If you don’t want to do it yourself, contact your local bike shop or scooter repair agent - most will be willing and able to do this on your behalf for a fee.

Updated on 25 Mar 2024