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My charger isn't working

Let’s try the basics first (sometimes it’s a nice, easy fix!)

  1. Check your charger is properly plugged into both the wall and your e-scooter and that its turned (Yes, we know… but you’d be surprised how often this is the solution!).
  2. When plugged in and turned on, is there a red or green light? If not then it’s likely your charger is broken.

What next?

If your E-Scooter is still under its warranty period, contact our help@pureelectric.com customer team on  with your order number (it will look like PS12345) and the details of the issue you’re experiencing and we’ll be in touch to get the problem resolved.

If your E-Scooter is outside of the warranty period, you can buy a replacement charger here.

Updated on 25 Mar 2024