Electric Scooters - Worth The Cost?

Electric Scooters - Worth The Cost?

As the e-scooter community continues to grow exponentially, you may be wondering - ”are electric scooters worth the cost?”. We are passionate (to say the least) about this new method of electric travel and believe you should be too.

Why Buy An Electric Scooter?

Fast, fun and fashionable... Electric scooters are the future of smart and savvy green transport. They’re good for the environment due to their lack of CO2 emissions. They're also good for you thanks to the unique, exhilarating thrill and fun they provide. Electric scooters have also proved great in many European city centres by lowering congestion.

You don’t have to listen to us tell you though… see what many of our happy customers have to say about our e-scooters here.

Electric Scooter Price

An electric scooter is a one-off cost that stands the test of time, usually lasting years and unlike other vehicles, e-scooters need little, but very simple maintenance.

When it comes to the cost of the electric scooter itself there are plenty of options. At Pure Electric, we stock a range to accommodate most budgets. Not to mention tailored to personal requirements and individual tastes. This means we have the perfect e-scooter for you.

For an all-round e-scooter that’s as powerful as it’s affordable, we recommend the Xiaomi Mi M365 . This is the world's top-selling e-scooter and is now available in a variety of exclusive designs (camo or safari) at Pure Electric. So, there should be something to suit your style. Pure Electric also offers a monthly payment plan meaning you could be riding this M365 from as little as £19.81 per month (over 24 months - See T&Cs below).


Thrill seekers unite! The Egret-Ten V3 electric scooter is the creme de la creme of extreme e-scooters. Perfect for that long journey that may have a few hills! The Egret 10 could be yours from as £69.51 per month (over 24 months - See T&Cs below)

Pure Scooters Egret-Ten Electric Scooter

Every e-scooter sold at Pure Electric comes from UK stock and has a UK warranty lasting for up to two years. In the unlikely event of any fault, we’ll have you sorted out quickly without hassle nor cost.

The only other cost to consider is accessories. We take safety incredibly seriously here and only stock the best safety gear that’s been rigorously quality checked. Your accessories should be one investment that protect you and ensure your peace of mind whilst riding.

Cost Of Charging Electric Scooter

On average, it costs between £0.15-£0.30 to completely charge your electric scooter, dependent upon which model you choose. The Micro Falcon X3 is so lightweight that it only takes 1 hour to charge.

Of course, range will differ depending upon the size of the battery. So if you're looking to ride yours for a long period of time, and at high speed, it is worthwhile going for a battery that may take longer to charge but save you money in terms of how often it needs charging. The Egret-Ten V3 takes 6 hours to charge but has an impressive range of 42km and meeting speeds of up to 30km/h.

Electric Scooter Maintenance Cost

All you really need to invest in e-scooter maintenance is your time! Every few weeks, a deep clean goes a long way to help keep everything in working order. A build-up of dirt can be detrimental to how smooth your e-scooter runs. If this gets too bad in areas like tyres, it can even be potentially dangerous.

It is also wise to regularly check that each part of the electric scooter is working. By doing little checks like these you will be saving money in the long run. A poorly cared for e-scooter may end up needing to be sent to a specialist repair technician. This could prove costly, and not to mention, frustrating as you’ll be without an e-scooter.

We always recommend purchasing Inner Tube Sealant. At only £7.49 it goes a long way in protecting your tyres from any punctures. The bottle will last you whilst also saving you from any unfortunate wheel damage.

Total Cost Of Ownership

You may be surprised at how little electric scooters cost overall. We’ve broken down a cost for the average use of an electric scooter based on owning the top-selling Xiaomi M365 for two years.

Xiaomi M365 = £398.99
Inner Tube Sealant x 2 = £14.98
(we would recommend getting two over two years to help protect your e-scooter tyres)
Or all of this could be yours for £22.86 a month for 24 months with Klarna

If you then went on ten journeys a week on your e-scooter and charging after each one, you would be spending £8.80 a week in charging costs.

Over two years, the cost of charging met with the initial investment would come to:



When compared with how much other methods cost, you can see how affordable an electric scooter really is!

Are Electric Scooters Worth The Cost?

Purchasing an electric scooter isn't just a purchase. It’s a change in lifestyle and mindset. It’s trying to do things the better way. Which is why we offer free next day delivery (Monday-Thursday) and Saturday delivery too. So, you could be riding yours tomorrow! No one wants to wait to enjoy their electric scooter, right?

It should come at no surprise that we think electric scooters aren’t only worth the cost but should be an essential item for everyone! There’s no denying the immense benefits they hold. We’ve had many customers telling us their friends or family have been converted to our e-scooter community after only one ride!

Why not take the first step today and browse our range of electric scooters today!







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