A day in the life of Dune - Pure Advance in Paris

A day in the life of Dune - Pure Advance in Paris

Dune works at Exposure (Pure’s PR Agency) in the Marais district of Paris filled with boutiques, galleries, cafés and restaurants. Following a photoshoot featuring Pure Scooters, she had the opportunity to ride an Advance+ in her everyday life.

"I find the e-scooter pretty cool. I can move around the district easily, stopping at cafés for a chill and at my favourite bookshops. It is practical to commute with as I can store it at the office. Last night after work, I hopped on my scooter and window shopped for a while before heading out to my pilates class."

"It’s more pleasant than public transport and way easier than having to find a rental bike. With this scooter, I’m chilled in the morning when I go to work and move around”.

Check out Dune riding around Paris below...

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