New Xiaomi electric scooter range launches in UK – order the Essential, 1S and Pro 2 now

Xiaomi is launching its new e-scooter range in the UK and Europe, with three new e-scooters replacing the outgoing M365 and M365 Pro - and you can order yours now at Pure Electric.

Yes, that’s three new models – named the Essential, 1S and Pro 2 – replacing two, but in fact the 1S and Pro 2 are direct replacements for the best-selling M365 and M365 Pro respectively, while the Essential marks a new cost-effective entry point into e-scooting for the Chinese brand.

Brand new Essential
Weighing just 12kg, the Essential e-scooter is now the lightest and most portable e-scooter that Xiaomi makes. Featuring the same popular folding mechanism as seen on the M365, it can be carried and stored with relative ease, while it packs a 250W front wheel motor with energy recovery system that can accelerate the e-scooter up to 20km/h (12.5mph).

With that top speed, alongside a claimed 20km range thanks to a 183Wh battery pack, it’s pulled right into the path of the Ninebot E22E as a big-name rival entry-level e-scooter.

The new Essential also benefits from Xiaomi’s proven e-scooter design knowhow, complete with front electronic and rear mechanical disc brake combination, 8.5in air-filled tyres, and integrates a Bluetooth-enabled display unit into the stem (a model that fans of the previous M365 Pro will be familiar with), as well as integration with the Xiaomi Mi companion app.

The replacements: 1S and Pro 2
For those looking for ‘the next big thing’, there may be disappointing news because under the hoods, the 1S and Pro 2 remain almost identical to the previous generation M365 and M365 Pro.

The 1S features a 250W motor limited to 25km/h (15.5mph), while the Pro 2 has a 300W rated motor (albeit now marketed as delivering ‘up to 600W’) and the same 25km/h top speed, both matching their predecessors. The vital statistics remain almost identical across the board too – 30 and 45km claimed ranges respectively, 8.5in air-filled tyres, and 100kg maximum carrying capacities. Water resistance remains limited at IP54, meaning that they’ll deliver protection against splashes only, rather than being classed as a fully waterproof e-scooter.

Safety first
Instead of adding bells and whistles, Xiaomi has focussed on improving rider safety with the 1S and Pro 2 (as well as the Essential newcomer), perhaps with news of developing popularity and increased trials reaching China.

This comes in the form of upgraded LED lights, with a 2W output front unit for better rider visibility in the dark, while the rear unit has been enlarged, integrating a built-in reflector.

The front and sides of the new models also feature new reflectors that bring the new e-scooters bang up to date with the latest standards circulating around Europe and the UK, improving visibility to others.

Xiaomi has also taken the opportunity to add two support struts to the rear mudguard, reducing tyre rub and chatter from riding over bumpier surfaces. This could also add a little more strength to the mudguard, which isn’t designed to be used as a foot brake. Instead, the rider must rely upon the anti-lock front brake in the motor alongside the cable-activated disc brake.

The Xiaomi Essential, 1S and Pro 2 e-scooters have hit online and high street stores, and are available to order now on

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