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National Bike Week 2020 spotlight: Gtech

June 12th 2020

This week, to celebrate National Bike Week #BikeIsBest campaign, Pure Electric is uncovering the diversity of e-bikes with some of the highlights of our rapidly growing e-bike range.  

With the recent accelerated investment by the UK Government to improve provisions for bike and e-bike use across the country, we know that now is the perfect time to rediscover cycling with a new e-bike. Each day, we’ll highlight an e-bike designed for a specific need, so that you can get a better idea of which kind could be right for you! 

For our final spotlight, we’re focusing on Gtech as a super-simple, great value e-bike, with the Gtech Sports and Gtech City Electric Bike models. 

Day OneOrbea Gain F40 Electric Hybrid Bike

Day Two: Haibike SDuro Hardseven 5.0 Electric Mountain Bike

Day Three: Brompton M6L 6 Speed Electric Folding Bike

Day Four: Scott Sub Cross eRide 20 Electric Hybrid Bike

Day Five: Gtech Sports and City Hybrid Electric Bikes

Great value with a simple design 

When it comes to back-to-basics e-biking, Gtech rules the roost. The company, started by ex-Dyson Head of Product Development Nick Grey, specialises in simple, convenient solutions to life’s everyday problems. 

This is where the Gtech Sports and City Hybrid Electric Bikes fit into the mix – if you want a simple, no-frills pedal assistance bicycle that can revolutionise your transport with minimal maintenance and fuss, then Gtech has you covered. 

The simple, cost-effective approach starts with sturdy, high-quality aluminium frame that gives an accessible, comfortable position while riding, with pedal assistance provided by a combination of a rear hub motor and down tube-mounted battery pack. This approach allows Gtech’s design team to minimise any complicated engineering and integration, keeping the price below £1,000 in both models. 

However, that doesn’t mean that the Gtech Sports and City e-bikes lack quality! The aviation-grade alloy used in the frame is lightweight and rust-resistant, while the wheels are built to withstand repeated day-to-day use in an urban environment and more besides, and come fitted with tough, puncture resistant hybrid tyres as standard. 

Practical and easy 

Gtech’s engineers have given plenty of thought to how easy its e-bikes are to live with too The 200Wh battery pack features a simple quick-release attachment that makes recharging at home or at work a doddle (fast too, at only three hours for a full charge), while the rear hub motor is fully enclosed and protected from the elements, reducing the need for maintenance. Two power modes selectable directly on the battery pack – a choice of ‘eco’ and ‘high’ settings – keep your assistance options simple, allowing you to choose between longer range (up to 45km) or up to 250W of assistance for additional help up steep hills. 

And, when it comes to maintenance, the belt drive, which replaces aoily chain, requires practically none at all while taking away the risk of getting dirty oil on your office clothes,  skin or e-bike’s frame. If there was a e-bike that was ready to hop on and off without a second’s thought, it’d be the Gtech. 


City and Sports models 

If this simplicity sounds appealing, then you might be wondering whether to opt for a Sport or City version. In short, the major difference here is in the shape of the top tube of the frame. The City e-bike features a step-through design, making mounting and dismounting much easier for those in more restrictive office attire, while also presenting a more upright, leisurely position for the rider with a comfort-focused saddle ready to help smooth any bumps on the route. 

The Sports version mirrors the shape of a more ‘ordinary’ bike, with a slightly longer distance to reach over to the handlebars. This sportier rider position makes it a little more suited to weekend leisure and fitness rides alongside the daily commute, with a specially designed saddle to make riding in that position as comfortable as possible. 

The bottom line 

The Gtech Sports and City Hybrid Electric Bikes are a great-value entry point into the world of e-biking. While they make e-bike riding as simple as can be, they are just as practical around town and out and about as more complicated, expensive models, while requiring minimal effort to maintain.  

You can view the range of Gtech Electric Bikes here, while if you’d like to find out a little more about Gtechhead over to our dedicated Gtech brand page.

Check back tomorrow, when we’ll be rounding up our National Bike Week e-bike top picks. 

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