Legal update: government moves into consultation on e-scooter legalisation – but slowly...

March 19th 2020

This week, hidden amongst the reams of coronavirus news, was a note of celebration for the electric scooter industry. The Government announced they are beginning their consultation on the legalisation of e-scooters on UK roads. It’s part of a wider regulatory review on the ‘Future of Transport’.

Whilst we celebrate this positive change, there are major questions about whether the proposed trials are expansive enough, will start soon enough, and how long it will be until we can all legally ride e-scooters anywhere in the UK - and that’s providing the trials are successful.

Summary of the Government announcement

Use of electric scooters will be trialled in a limited number of ‘future transport zones’:

  • Portsmouth & Southampton
  • Bristol & Bath
  • Derby & Nottingham
  • West Midlands

When will the trials start? No date has been provided as yet, but it’s likely to be a few months away as a legislation change will be required in order for the trials to start.

Before any trials the Government will consult on regulations – basically how the e-scooter trials will be conducted, and therefore the parameters they will be assessing within when they decide if the trials are a success or not. The regulations will be around e-scooter safety. Topics likely to be considered are:

  • minimum age for use
  • maximum speed of use
  • minimum vehicle standards
  • mandatory helmet use
  • whether they should be insured or licensed
  • cycle lane usage
  • where they could be parked in public spaces
  • how hire companies are managed locally

The consultation period is anticipated to end on 22nd May 2020.

Not expansive enough, not quick enough – sign our petition

At Pure Electric we’re of the belief that these trials are not expansive enough and the whole process of getting e-scooters legal for everyone is going to take far too long. With both the current health and environmental crises we need eco- & hygiene-friendly transport alternatives right now. If you want to accelerate the legalisation process for electric scooters, please sign our petition today.

Sign the Petition

Lucky enough to be in the trial zones? Get scooter-ready!

If you are lucky enough to live or work in the designated trial zones and just want to get scooter ready, we can help you find the right scooter for you. Give our dedicated customer service team a call on 0207 222 0000, chat to us online, use our amazing electric scooter selection tool, or just shop now.

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