Five reasons why you should use puncture prevention fluid

Puncture prevention fluid… is it worth the effort? When you’re riding an e-scooter or e-bike, the threat of punctures is one of the more annoying things that you have to contend with. For many, it’s a constant worry that they could do without.

But what if you didn’t have to worry about the risk of a flat tyre, potentially stranding you away from home, leaving you to rely on public transport or a lift home? What if you could keep the benefits of air-filled tyres without the downsides? Puncture prevention fluid could be the answer.

Let’s uncover five reasons why it could be a worthwhile investment for you.

1. Extra flat tyre protection

Naturally, if you don’t have air in your tyres to begin with, then you can’t get a puncture. But, with special fluid installed in your tubed or tubeless air-filled tyres, you can add lots of protection from flat tyres without the drawbacks of a heavier, harder solid tyre.

While this fluid doesn’t stop sharps from getting in your tyres, it forms a preventative layer that can quickly seal a hole. When a sharp object penetrates the tyre, the fluid automatically solidifies over the hole on contact with outside air, retaining much of your tyre pressure and effectively acting as an automatic puncture repair kit. In many cases, you wouldn’t even notice that you’d had a problem!

Remember: for puncture prevention fluid to work properly, you must maintain your tyre pressures! Read more here.


2. Less maintenance

When puncture prevention fluid is installed, it significantly reduces the need to replace tyres when you do get something in your tyre. For small holes, you can continue using your tyres without replacing them because the sealant should create an air-tight, long-lasting plug.

These kinds of punctures account for most flat tyres that are experienced under normal use, so fluid can really help to mitigate this. Larger, very visible holes and pinch punctures (commonly seen when a tube is compressed against the rim of a wheel upon a heavy impact) can also be dealt with using puncture prevention fluid, although we recommend that the tube and/or tyre is replaced soon after these occur.

3. Better ride quality

Compared to riding a solid tyre, air-filled tyres with puncture prevention fluid installed offer improved ride quality.

They are lighter and more compliant, which lowers rolling resistance and improves ride comfort, which in turn means that riding to your destination is easier. Perhaps most importantly though, tubeless and tubed tyres offer more grip thanks to the use of softer rubber compounds and the compliance that air produces. Adding fluid retains these benefits while offering a strong layer of protection against flat tyres.



4. Greater tyre life

Although in general tyres should be replaced when the tread pattern is worn to ensure that you’re getting good grip (some tyres come fitted with wear indicators that show when a tyre is nearing the end of its life), puncture prevention fluid has the secondary benefit of enabling you to eke a little more life out of them.

Sharps are more likely to penetrate a tyre and tube when a tyre is worn as the rubber layer isn’t as thick as it was at new, but the fluid layer will add extra vital protection as a shorter-term measure if you’re unable to replace your tyre conveniently*.

*We always recommend that tyres are replaced in line with manufacturer guidelines.
5. Greater confidence

If you rely upon your e-bike or e-scooter for important travel or tasks, or simply want to minimise the risk of being stranded away from home, then the peace of mind that you can get from installing puncture prevention fluid is a real positive.

No-one wants to feel that they’re at constant risk of suffering a puncture, but using puncture prevention fluid is a real solution that in most cases will safeguard you against a flat tyre, so that you can ride with confidence.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of using puncture prevention fluid, you can buy selected e-scooters with puncture prevention fluid pre-installed, including the Pure Air Pro, arrange an appointment with our store to have it installed, or upgrade your e-scooter or e-bike’s tubeless or tubed tyres with our in-stock fluid.