VIDEO: How to unbox my Pure Air Pro electric scooter

VIDEO: How to unbox my Pure Air Pro electric scooter

Receiving your new Pure electric scooter is an exciting time! Whichever Pure e-scooter you’ve opted for, we want to make sure you get it off to the best start in life.

Check out our dedicated video filmed with product expert Angus at our London Victoria store, to show how to get your Pure Air Go, Air or Air Pro up and running, with some handy points laid out below!

1. Raise the handlebar

Once you have your box open, raise the stem so that it sits in an upright position. On a Pure Air Pro, you’ll hear the click of the click-lock mechanism. The Air Go and Air feature a twizzle-style system that will need turning to lock into place.

2. Guide the cables

Find the handlebar and carefully guide the cables into the stem, before placing the handlebar over the top and aligning the stem bolt holes on the side.

3. Fit the stem bolts

Locate the stem bolts in the box (they’ll be enclosed in a bag for safekeeping, along with an Allen key), and carefully insert them into the bolt holes with one turn first, then tighten gradually with the Allen key.


4. Lift out the e-scooter

Now you can lift out your e-scooter, by firmly grasping the base and the stem. Be sure to support the base of the e-scooter fully to avoid any stretching or breaking of the cable connections in the stem!

5. Pump up your tyres

Take your pump and pump up your tyres, to the magic 36psi recommended pressure. This will maximise performance and reduce the chances of punctures on the move. And don’t worry about fitting any puncture prevention fluid – it’s already installed!

6. Unpack your grips and screen

Remove the extra packaging around the handlebar grips and display. On a Pure Air and Pure Air Pro, you’ll also find a USB charge port too.

7. Charge up!

Finally, give your e-scooter a full charge before riding. We know you’ll be keen to get going, but charging it fully before you ride it will help to look after the batteries and maximise their long term life, as well as maximise performance from the start.

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