VIDEO: 6 things you need to know about the Pure Air electric scooter

VIDEO: 6 things you need to know about the Pure Air electric scooter

The Pure Air is the latest e-scooter to come from Pure Electric, building on the success of the Pure Air Pro, and it packs a real punch, complete with some of most well-regarded features of its big brother at a very competitive price point.

Read below for the six things you need to know about it!

1) You can ride it in the rain

The Pure Air, like its big Pure Air Pro brother, is rated water resistant to IP65, meaning that you can ride it in the rain and through puddles without worrying about damaging it – a very rare feature in an e-scooter retailing at such a competitive price point.

Alongside this, the Pure Air is covered by a one year warranty that includes coverage against water ingress, which means you can ride confidently in any conditions.

2) You get great control from 10-inch tyres

Our experience tells us that smaller wheel sizes struggle more with hazards like poor surfaces, potholes, and the lumps and bumps you often encounter in everyday life. Sizing the Pure Air up to 10-inch tyres means that your e-scooter is better able to roll over hazards, whilst providing a more comfortable ride.

Those tyres also come pre-installed with puncture prevention fluid, which alongside proper tyre pressure maintenance will help to reduce the risk of punctures.

Finally, the Pure Air is rear wheel drive, which means you get loads of traction, while freeing up the front wheel to deal with your steering.

3) You get class leading sturdiness with 120kg carrying capacity

With e-scooters at this price point usually featuring maximum loads of 100kg or less, the Pure Air features class leading carrying capacity – perfect for larger, heavier riders (and smaller, lighter ones too!).

It also means that you can carry heavier luggage with you without worrying about going over the 120kg limit, plus extra resilience in the unfortunate event of a crash.

4) You can see and be seen

It's important to feel and be safe when riding your e-scooter, so we fitted the Pure Air with front and rear lights to help you see and be seen.

The front light has a wide beam to help you ride at night, and the rear light means that others can see you more easily. To increase visibility further you’ll also find side reflectors, which means that the Pure Air passes the latest UK safety standards by providing 360-degree visibility.

5) It’s easier to live with

We know that changing the tyres on an electric scooter can be pretty difficult, but the larger 10 inch tyres found on the Pure Air can make that process that slightly easier versus smaller rivals, while the valves are easy to access, making keeping tyre pressures topped up that little bit simpler too.

6) You get unrivalled support from Pure Electric

Pure Electric is proud to offer leading customer support and authentic, manufacturer-supplied spare parts available exclusively through our stores across the country and online. We offer comprehensive e-scooter servicing packages from our stores, with our technicians specially trained on the Pure Air.

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