First steps taken towards private e-scooter regulation

First steps taken towards private e-scooter regulation

The UK Government announced their plans to change the law on private e-scooters following the Queen’s Speech on May the 10th.

The Government’s new Transport Bill signals commitment to regulate e-scooter use, alongside other forms of micromobility. This also implies there will be much-needed action to clamp down on poor quality and unsafe e-scooters – which we’ve been busy campaigning for at Pure Electric.

In reaction to the announcement, Pure Electric’s founder, Adam Norris, said: 

“We are delighted to see the Government’s commitment to e-scooter legislation.

We know that there’s demand for more affordable transport - with over 13 million lower earners in the UK considering using an e-scooter if they were legalised. Amid soaring fuel and rail costs, unlocking the safe and legal use of e-scooters has the potential to revolutionise commuting at a time when people are facing cost of living pressures.

As the Government progresses, we will continue campaigning for high standards and regulations that protect all road users, so that everyone can enjoy safe and affordable e-mobility.”

While riding privately-owned e-scooters in public places is not yet legal, this is a big step towards helping people in urban areas reduce their carbon footprint, cut travel time and expenses. We should now see the Government introduce clear regulations that will drive up usage and safety standards across the UK. 

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