Government announce plans to legalise e-scooters on UK roads

Government announce plans to legalise e-scooters on UK roads

Private electric scooter use is set to be legalised on public roads, under a new Transport Bill introduced in the Queen’s Speech.  

E-scooters are currently only allowed on roads as part of trial schemes. But these new plans will fulfil their potential to reduce carbon emissions and cut congestion on our roads in the near future.

The Queen’s Speech announced: 

"Her Majesty's government will improve transport across the United Kingdom, delivering safer, cleaner services and enabling more innovation."

Following this statement, in the House of Lords on Wednesday May 11th, Baroness Vere shared: 

"Safety is also at the heart of our plans, to create a regulatory framework for smaller, lighter, zero emission vehicles, sometimes known as e-scooters. My Lords, their popularity is clear, and new rules are needed to improve safety and crack down on illegal use, whilst unlocking innovation and growth in this emerging multi-billion pound industry."

In reaction to the news, Pure Electric’s founder Adam Norris said:

“We’re delighted to see the Government’s new Transport Bill, signalling the first step towards private e-scooter legalisation in the UK. This, in addition to the commitment to ‘crack down’ on poor quality and unsafe e-scooters, is exactly what we have been campaigning for.” 

What does this mean for me?

If you own an e-scooter, you’ll eventually be able to ride it on public roads. It’s highly likely safety regulations will be put in place, such as speed limits and the need for lights, helmets and indicators. 

What is the max speed for e-scooters?

The maximum speed for a rental e-scooter is currently 15.5mph. The new Government rules on private e-scooters are expected to bring them in line with the same speed limit. 

When do the new rules on e-scooters start?

Private e-scooters are not legal on UK roads just yet, but the new Transport Bill regulations should be introduced in the year ahead. Watch this space and we’ll keep you informed on all the latest developments. 

In the meantime, we’ll keep campaigning for high standards on e-scooter use, so everyone can enjoy safe and affordable mobility.

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