5 reasons you're going to fall in love with your electric scooter

5 reasons you're going to fall in love with your electric scooter

If you’ve been noticing more and more e-scooters zipping around your neighbourhood over the last few months, you’re not alone.  With the legalisation of our favourite mode of transport expected to happen within the next 12-18 months, well over 750,000 of us now own an electric scooter, with as many more gearing up and getting ready to invest in a cleaner, greener future. 
Tempted to dip your toes into the world of e-scooters? You’re not alone. With exciting innovations in Pure’s scooter design -hill-climbing, rain-resistant and foldable models for starters  -  and more than a handful of benefits,  everyone has a compelling reason for going electric. But whatever your motivation - and if you don’t have one yet, you soon will! - here are our top 5 reasons for getting future-ready:


1. You'll save money

We get it. You can’t turn on the TV or scroll through your social feed these days without being made painfully aware of the rising cost of living. And whether you rent or pay a mortgage, drive or take the bus, eat at home or grab a takeaway, these monthly expenses aren’t going down any time soon.

If you’re a car owner, your average monthly spend on insurance, fuel, and maintenance is an eye-watering £400. And if you rely on public transport? Then you’re looking at a not-insignificant  £140. The good news? It costs an average of between 15 and  30p to fully charge an e-scooter, meaning that if your scooter has a range of around 30 miles, you’re looking at a very attractive 1p per mile or less; We like to think of it as a small investment for big savings on short journeys.

Pure Air Pro LR Display


2. You’ll love the flexibility and freedom

The thing with getting from A to B in the traditional ways is that we get used to the minor irritations that come along with them.

Owning an e-scooter means you can kiss goodbye to at least some of these frustrations; you’ll be able to set your own (journey) schedule, ditch the environmental guilt, and enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with being able to grab your scooter and just go …

Even more compelling? The fabulously innovative foldable and easy-to-store models (yep, even under your desk!) - a huge step forward for commuters demanding effortless travel - that make getting around even easier. And with our own new advanced range  designed to meet some of the most stringent regulations in the already-legal European markets, you’ve got no excuse not to!

Pure Advance Flex Folded Under Desk


3. …and they’re really easy to maintain

One of the last things you want when you’re looking to make life more simple and easy is something that… doesn’t make life easier.

So it’ll be reassuring to know that one of the things our customers love most about their e-scooters is just how hassle-free they are to look after. With sturdy, quick-to-clean hard-wearing frames and decks, puncture-resistant tyres, and reliable overnight charging, electric scooters require very little effort - and money - to maintain. Sorted!

Pure Electric Scooter Maintenance


4. The environment will thank you

Most people purchase an e-scooter for the budget-friendly costs, the freedom and the fun - but many are also making the change to do their bit when it comes to the environment.

We all know that there’s a finite amount of fossil fuel to go around, and cutting down on carbon emissions means you’ll be doing your bit. Cars emit around 209 grams of carbon per kilometre travelled, and for a bus, it’s around 77. Because e-scooters run on batteries and boast zero carbon emissions, we believe that they’re hands-down the best mode of future-friendly transport; a big win for the environment, and going a long way to helping us work towards a transport infrastructure that offers a far brighter outlook for our planet.

Cars Stuck In Traffic With Pollution in Air


5. And you’ll have great fun!

There’s something - quite a few things, actually! - about hopping on an e-scooter and gliding off across town that just makes people smile. 

Traditional forms of transport often mean long periods of sitting inside and on our butts. We all know this is bad for our health, especially if you’re one of the millions who spend most of their day sitting at a desk.

Fresh air, exercise, and riding with your mates, there are hours of healthy fun and entertainment to be had on your electric scooter. And with our range of e-scooters boasting really impressive top speeds and mileage, and the ability to climb hills (even in the rain) it’s the kind of fun that’ll have you reaching for your ride even when you’ve got no particular place to go.

Lando Norris on Pure Electric E-Scooter

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Legal Warning: E-Scooters are not to be used on public roads or pavements in the UK.

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