About Pure Electric

Pure Electric is the UK’s leading specialist electric scooter and electric bike retailer, stocking market-leading ranges of e-scooters, e-bikes and accessories.

We are driven by our desire to offer you the best products, objective buying advice and unrivalled customer service, while making a real, meaningful positive impact on the way we all travel every day.

We have showrooms nationwide, offering a fantastic range of e-scooters, e-bikes and accessories, together with e-bike demo centres in selected showrooms, plus service and repair centres. We can help you fix e-scooters, e-bikes and conventional bikes; repairs or parts available. Find your nearest showroom here.

Why we’re here

Pure Electric was founded by entrepreneur Adam Norris and his passion for new, game-changing technology that improves everyday lives.

Adam and his team believe that electric scooters and electric bikes can play a pivotal role in reducing society’s reliance on cars, lowering air pollution and congestion in cities across Europe, alongside walking and taking public transport.

“I set up this company to help humankind. Pure’s goal is to help bring about a personal transport revolution and have a positive impact on our planet, benefitting society now and for generations to come.”

Adam Norris – Founder of Pure Electric

What we promise

We work directly with brands and manufacturers to ensure that you get the best quality products at the best possible price, bringing the reality of a cleaner, healthier future closer than ever before.

Due to the fact that many e-scooters simply aren’t made for British weather however, we have created our own water resistant, more durable, premium build e-scooter. Where we believe the market isn’t making the best products available, we will fill the gaps through research and innovation, and our Pure range will develop over time.

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Safety and Electric Scooter Legislation

Rider safety is fundamentally important to us: if a product is unsafe, we won’t sell it – it’s as simple as that. We only stock e-scooters and e-bikes that have been tested and approved by our expert technical team.

E-scooters are currently illegal to use on UK public roads and pavements despite being legal in many other European countries. We make sure that we inform all our e-scooter customers of the current legal position so that you can decide for yourself where you personally stand on this sensitive issue.

Pure Electric’s position

Pure Electric firmly believes that the UK’s current road and transport legislation is outdated and ready for a much-needed update with a legalisation of all e-scooters. This process has begun with the trial of rental e-scooters, and that may pave the way to a cleaner, healthier future for us all.

We are encouraged by this development but are concerned that the trial process will take too long to see e-scooters legalised quickly enough for the challenges we face today.