Adults Electric Scooters

Buy an adult electric scooter now and be ready for the future of clean, healthy, and convenient transport

Not sure where to start? Click here to see how our Pure Air range compares to leading brands like Xiaomi.

Legal Warning: E-Scooters are not to be used on public roads or pavements in the UK.

Our electric scooter for adults range has plenty of options for people looking to join the electric transport revolution, and they're suitable for both men and women.  

Electric scooters aren’t just for kids (although we do have a collection of kids electric scooters to view here too) - they’re the next logical step to help us reduce our carbon footprint by switching to electric for shorter journeys.

Below we answer a few common Q’s about adult e-scooters: 

  • We get asked this question a lot, and of course the answer is completely subjective, but there are still some significant things to consider before you buy your e-scooter to make sure you’re getting the right one for you. 

    The most important features that any e-scooter can have are waterproofing and warranty protection to enable you to ride it in wet conditions, a high load limit for strength and safety, a powerful motor to help you climb most hills without annoying slow performance, and battery life that can meet your needs.  

    You may also wish to consider if a folding electric scooter is for you – folding e-scooters can more easily be stored away at home or taken on public transport, for example.

    To find out what other e-scooter features you need to look out for, check out our blog.

    It's worth noting there's no difference between men's electric scooters and women's electric scooters, but consider instead your size and weight. Some scooters have a max load capacity so you might need an e-scooter that can carry a heavier load if your more well built or you carry a bag.

    Adult e-scooters have different sized motors so again a more powerful scooter will help you get up hills more easily or reach top speeds faster. If you are lighter you might get everything you need in terms of performance from a less powerful scooter, meaning you could save money. 

    Check our our comparison between the award winning Pure Air range against the popular Xiaomi and Segway e-scooters.

    For more information about what the best e-scooter could be for you, check out our electric scooter buyer’s guide or dive right into our handy e-scooter selector tool.

  • You need a provisional or full driver’s licence with the ‘Q’ classification listed to ride a rental electric scooter in the UK. Privately-owned e-scooters remain illegal to use on the public highway and land even with a licence.  

    Read more here about electric scooter laws here.

  • There are a few electric scooters in the world that can go faster than 40km/h. However, we have found that 25km/h is usually the fastest that you need to go to use an e-scooter safely in any ‘normal’ situation.

  • Electric scooters are useful for developing balance skills, which can help to improve core strength and posture. Standing up on an e-scooter is also more active than sitting down in a vehicle, while the changing balance point requires you to actively shift your weight, like you would riding a bike. 

    Read more about electric scooter health benefits here.

  • The lightest electric scooter on sale at Pure Electric is the Pure Air Go at 16kg. Most e-scooters are 15kg or more.