Stan's No Tubes Rim Tape

Stan's No Tubes Rim Tape
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Stan's no tube rim tape is airtight and non-porous, super thin and will not affect tire fit, and does not leave a messy residue when it needs to be replaced.

When running less than 45psi a single wrap of tape is necessary when running greater than 45psi a double wrap of the tap is required. 


  • Please note that Stan’s Yellow Rim Tape by itself is not a tubeless conversion. Traditional (Non-BST) rims require the use of a Stan’s NoTubes rim strip to achieve a secure tubeless setup. Using only Yellow Rim Tape and Stan’s NoTubes sealant on a conventional rim can result in difficult inflation and catastrophic “burping” issues.
  • Please see their Rim Strips for converting traditional non-tubeless rims. Visit their support section for a video on how to convert your rims.
Size: 10yd x 21mm
  • 10yd x 21mm
  • 10yd x 25mm
  • 10yd x 36mm
  • 10yd x 39mm
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Stan's No Tubes Rim Tape


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