Dynaplugger Tubeless Repair Tool

Only works with Pure Advance & Air³ scooters

The Dynaplugger is a fast, dependable and lightweight tubeless repair kit, never leave home without it! Dynaplug is the fastest, easiest and all-round best way to repair a tubeless tyre mid-ride. When needed, just remove whatever caused the puncture, firmly push the insertion tube straight into the hole and extract the tool, depositing the repair plug in the tyre, done!

The sealant-friendly repair plug is a unique viscoelastic impregnated rubber that bonds instantly and permanently with your tyre, and the non-abrasive brass tip will not scratch your rim or puncture your rim tape.

  • No need to remove the tyre, no messy glues or solvents, just plug and ride
  • If a single plug is not enough to seal a hole, just fold the tail flat on the tyre; hold it with your finger and stick another one in there!
  • A plug tail can be snipped off later if it bothers you; trim to about 4mm long depending on the location.
  • When not in use, the Dynaplugger is a pack-friendly 127 mm long and weighs just 34 grams, less than an energy gel.
  • Push fit cap ensures fast deployment when required and a spare pre-loaded insertion tube can be kept in the handle.
  • Kit includes the durable glass-filled nylon tool, 4 x soft nose plugs, 2 stainless steel insertion tubes and a pipe cleaner to help prep the tube for reloading.

Additional Repair Plugs can be purchased here.

Supplier SKU: DP0036

SKU: PBDYN0007-00001

How To Fix A Puncture Using Dynaplug

Follow our maintenance video on the steps you need to take to successfully plug a puncture - getting you back up riding, fast.

What do I need?

  • Plugging kit
  • Rubber plugs for the plugging kit
  • Pliers (optional - to remove any debris)
  • An air pump (if air pressure drops below 36PSI)
  • Safety gloves
  • The e-scooter turned off
  • A safe working environment, that minimises the risk of the scooter moving/toppling