The 5 most important facts anyone should know before buying an electric scooter

1. Choose at least a 350W motor as most electric scooters struggle with the smallest of hills.

For heavier riders travelling even over small hills, we recommend upgrading to a 500W motor.

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2. If you want to ride on wet roads, pick a waterproof e-scooter - most electric scooters cannot be used in wet conditions without invalidating the warranty.

Most e-scooters on the market can’t been ridden on wet roads, through puddles or in the rain. It’s hidden in the fine print that this will invalidate the warranty. We strongly recommend using a waterproof e-scooter if you live in the UK and intend on riding your e-scooter through puddles or in the rain.

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3. Bigger wheels with air-filled tyres give you a smoother ride.

If you ride where there may be potholes and kerbs, which is common in the UK and across Europe, we strongly advise picking a larger 10in+ diameter wheel. If you are riding more than 5km / 3miles, we strongly advise you choose a 10in+ diameter wheel for a more comfortable ride.

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4. Not all electric scooters can carry the same amount of weight.

Most electric scooters are designed to carry a maximum weight of 100kg. If you weigh over 15st / 95kg, or are carrying a heavy bag, choose an e-scooter with a higher maximum carrying weight.

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5. There are many fake and poor quality electric scooters in the UK.

To stop the risk of brakes failing, wheels coming loose whilst you ride or you buying a poor quality product, we strongly recommend purchasing from a reputable retailer. Most electric scooters have to be sent away to be repaired, which can take months. For peace of mind, choose a retailer with service centres you can visit.

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