SoFlow Electric Scooter Warranty

What is the warranty cover?

24 months upon first sale, except battery, motor and wear parts.

What does the warranty exclude?

Product parts that are subject to normal wear and tear, this applies in particular to batteries, motors and accessories subject to mechanical wear such as wheels and tyres.

Warranty services are also excluded for normal wear and tear of wear parts, such as: tyres, brakes/brake pads, bottom bracket, saddle, suspension fork, bowden cables, handlebar grips, tubes/covers, bell, reflectors, front/rear light, and kickstands.

This also includes flat tyres, if these were caused by the rider (for instance when driving over sharp objects).

More information

For more information and full terms and conditions please visit the manufacturer statement here.

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim please contact us at Pure Electric on or visit your nearest Pure Electric store