Where did my Pure Air Go…Go?

(Don’t worry, it’s at Curry’s)

The Pure Air Go on our website? That’s a no-go. But if you love it as much as we do, you can get yours online at Curry’s.


  • Our team of engineers is constantly innovating (And drinking tea. They go through a lot of tea.). So once we’ve sold out of the earlier models, we keep moving on to the next. The Go is still a little beaut though.

  • Well, we wanted to find a group of stores across the country to stock our e-scooters, so it’d be easier for you to actually see and touch (and smell) them. You know, if you wanted to. But the Go is just on their website – so hurry to Curry’s.

  • Good question. Of course. And that’s so sweet of you to say, completely spontaneously. We like you too. In fact, our current range is just a click away.


Discover how our new Pure Advance is innovating the world of micro-mobility, with a unique forward-facing format and flexible design for even better stability and convenience.

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