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The Government has announced (May 18th 2020) that only rental electric scooters will be taking part in the new fast-tracked trials. Consultation is taking place on the regulation of new trials; for more details read our blog

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Not yet sold on the benefits of e-scooters? That’s fine! Let us explain why we think that they’re the mobility revolution that we all need in today’s world.

We believe that e-scooters have a vital role to play in the way we travel as we look to create a cleaner, healthier future – reducing our reliance on congested roads, cramped and crowded public transport and enabling more people to be outside in the fresh air, more often.

Public transport hygiene:

• ‘There is a demonstrable link between public transport use and infectious diseases transmission’.(1)

• Close contact and the touching of shared surfaces is virtually unavoidable at peak times on public transport, heightening exposure to infection.

• Public transport therefore increases mass risk of virus contraction and spread.

UK environmental health issues:

• Children in every school in London and 234 schools in Birmingham are exposed to toxic pollution over the health limits of the World Health Organisation. (2)

• Air pollution impacts neurodevelopment and cognitive ability, can trigger asthma and childhood cancer, and is strongly associated with cardiovascular issues. (3)

• Diesel cars are the single biggest contributor to nitrogen oxides (NOx) levels in the UK, responsible for 41% of all NOx emissions from road transport. (4)

• People in the UK are 64 times as likely to die as a result of air pollution as those in Sweden and twice as likely as those in the US. (4)

A summary of why electric scooters should be legal as soon as possible:

• Electric scooters produce a fraction of the pollution cars doThe more people that scoot, the less people are likely to drive (5)

• Less cars on the road means less pollution and less congestionE-scooters can provide greater freedom to travelThere’s no close contact or shared surfacesOver time, e-scooters are cheaper than public transportThey’re just as safe as bikes 5


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