Renew your ride (and we’ll make the most of your old one)

Get a brand new e-scooter at a fraction of the cost with Pure Recharge. We make it quick and stress-free to send your old e-scooter to our friends at Moose, who refurbish and give it new life. In exchange, you get up to £150 off a new Pure e-scooter.

It only takes a moment to change your ride for the better (all while supporting circularity and avoiding waste).

  • Well-ridden e-scooters have 1000km+ of use. The e-scooter functions just as it should but with moderate scratches & scuffs to the chassis
  • Good condition e-scooters have between 500-1000km of use. These e-scooters have had moderate use with a fair few age-related marks throughout the e-scooter
  • Excellent condition e-scooters have between 50-500km of use. The e-scooter has small marks and scratches to the frame and chassis, and the tyres may have some slight wear
  • Like new condition e-scooters have between 0-50km of use. There is no damage or cosmetic issues and are presented as purchased.
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Trading in your e-scooter is quick and easy!
Here’s all you need to do:


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For help re-boxing your scooter, check out our handy video guide here.


Moose check your ride, then send you your exclusive discount code within 24 hours


You choose your Pure e-scooter and start riding within days!

Simply place your order online using your exclusive discount code.


  • Moose are the UK’s #1 refurbished e-scooter and e-bike retailer. Their expert team repairs and transforms used e-rides, so they look and feel like new.

  • It’s quick, easy and super reliable. All you have to do is fill out our 30-second trade-in form to get an instant valuation from Moose. Once they confirm what your ride’s worth, they send you a unique discount code that you can use to upgrade to one of our award-winning e-scooters. Moose experts put care and time into every refurbishment, so someone gets the most from your preloved ride. Everyone’s a winner!

  • Once Moose experts collect your e-scooter and confirm its value, they email you a unique discount code. You can use this to buy any e-scooter at

  • Moose take care of your collection, free of charge.

    Once you accept their offer, they deliver all the labels and boxes you need to send your ride securely.

    Your e-scooter is insured with Moose’s carrier, but take care to pack it properly! If you need a hand, check out our handy video guide here.

    Moose can only reimburse shipping damage if the scooter is safely packed.

  • No, but for a good reason! Moose experts research each e-scooter and perform daily market analysis, so you always get the best offer.

  • Moose experts check your e-scooter to make sure it matches your valuation. If it doesn’t, they send you an updated offer. This includes a detailed summary and pictures of any reasons for the change. If you’re not satisfied with the new offer, Moose will return your e-scooter to you for free.

    To avoid any changes to your offer, our trade-in offer tool gives you guidance and tips to help you assess your e-scooter accurately. This means you’re more likely to get the right offer from the word go!

  • Pure Electric and Moose are committed to ensuring trade-ins are not stolen. That’s why every e-scooter Moose inspects is verified by the owner’s ID and proof of purchase. Rest assured – your information is always stored securely and confidentially.