Electric Bike Test Rides

How Do E-Bike Test Rides Work?

We offer both assisted and unassisted free e-bike test rides in our stores nationwide* to help you experience the power of e-bikes and find your perfect model. There’s no obligation to buy, and the process is incredibly simple.

Test rides can be a really important part of discovering the right e-bike for you – trying out different models, asking lots of questions and finding ‘the one’. It’s probably the most exciting part of buying your first e-bike; feeling the power of an e-bike pull you up a hill or accelerate away from the lights!

Our e-bike test rides are Covid-safe – we sterilise all contact points before and after every test ride, and perform both assisted and non-assisted test rides socially distanced.


With any e-bike purchase within 14 days after a test ride, you get £20 off. It’s easy to redeem – when you have your test ride, you’ll be opted into marketing emails and we’ll send you a code to redeem online or in store. Alternatively, we’ll be able to apply the discount on site if you buy immediately after your test ride.

Unassisted Test Rides


When you arrive at one of our stores, let one of our expert colleagues know that you’d like to try an e-bike.


Our colleagues will chat through our range of e-bikes in store, and match your preferences to a test model that we have in store.


To enable you to take the e-bike out for a test ride, we’ll ask you to complete a short contact form, we’ll set you up with a Pure Electric account on our systems, and we’ll take a 50p deposit via a chip and pin card transaction. Don’t worry, you can opt out of marketing emails if you like.


We’ll ask you to leave your payment card and a form of ID with us for the duration of your test ride. After the test ride has finished, we’ll refund the deposit and return your card.

Assisted Test Rides

Note: When you have an assisted test ride, you must book your appointment in advance. This is because we need to ensure that we can allocate an expert staff member for the duration of your appointment.


Call your local store to book an assisted test ride appointment. We’ll ask if you have a particular e-bike in mind, or you can talk to us in person when you arrive for your appointment if you’re not sure.


When you arrive at the store, we’ll run through the e-bike you’re interested in test riding, or chat through our range of in-stock e-bikes to help you identify which is best for you.


We’ll ask you to complete a short contact form, take a 50p refundable deposit, and ask you to leave a form of ID with us, just like an unassisted test ride.


Our expert will then accompany you on a pre-determined test ride route, tailored to your needs. We have several to choose from departing from each store, and you’ll have the chance to chat about the e-bike and have any questions answered en route and when you return.

E-bike Test Ride FAQs

  • For an assisted test ride, you need to pre-book in advance by calling your chosen store. For unassisted test rides, you don’t need to pre-book, although we strongly recommend calling to make an appointment so we can check that we have a suitable model available for you.

  • Any document that shows your name and current address. Examples include:

    Passport photocard

    Driving licence

    A recent bank statement

    A recent utility bill

  • You can test as many as you like in one visit, subject to availability.

  • Assisted test rides are between 5-10km in length, lasting up to around 30 minutes. Unassisted test rides usually last for 10-15 minutes, and should not extend beyond the immediate area of the store.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer extended test rides of e-bikes.

  • Yes. When your test ride has finished and the e-bike returned in good working order, we’ll automatically return the 50p deposit.

  • Unfortunately, we must take a chip and pin transaction from your debit or credit card. Cash, cheque or bank transfer cannot be accepted.

  • Our Pure Electric stores at BOXPARK Croydon and Belfast do not offer e-bike test rides.

  • We are still offering both assisted and unassisted e-bike test rides in a Covid-safe manner. If local restrictions force us to withdraw our e-bike test ride programme, we’ll make sure to update this page accordingly.

  • We have set up a series of measures to help ensure everyone’s safety when visiting a Pure Electric store.

    We adhere to the two-metre social distancing rule at all times.

    We have installed screens at checkout.

    We offer contactless email receipts.

    There is easy access to antibacterial gel.

    Masks must be worn at all times by customers and colleagues inside.

    Unfortunately, fitting rooms are closed and clothes and helmets cannot be tried on.

    E-bikes are thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial solution after each test ride.

    We control the numbers of people entering the store at any one time, subject to local and national restrictions.

    Local stores may be subject to locally-enforced guidelines, or more stringent measures designed to ensure safety.

    Last updated: 09/07/2021