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The Hidden Costs of Buying From China

Before buying an electric scooter from the Far East, it is worth you understanding the facts because it may not be such as great deal after all (imitation product, extra import costs, no warranty, longer delivery times, no safety checks).

1. It won't actually be cheaper once you factor all the hidden costs
If you buy a Xiaomi M365 imitation from China for c. £300, the price you will actually pay will be £448, £49 higher than our £399 price which you get with next day and full UK warranty.

Overseas Cost Breakdown (GBP):

Product Cost ------------£300.00
Delivery Cost------------£35.00 (added at checkout)

Import Duty --------------£33.50 (10% of landed product cost)
Added value for VAT--£5.00 (fixed fee)
(Sub-total £373.50)

Import VAT -------------£74.70 (20% of the sub-total)

Total Cost £448.20 (from buying Xiaomi M365 overseas)

Best Solution: Pure Scooters - Cheaper Price £399

2. If there is a problem you will need to send it back - no UK repair centres
If you buy say the Xiaomi M365 from China and there is a product failure, you will need to ship it yourself back to the place of origin (extra cost and time).

You won't be able to return it to the Xiaomi UK shop, as they won't accept it, as it isn't an official Xiaomi product with traceable serial numbers.

In addition, you will likely receive a Chinese battery charger, with possibly a UK adaptor. All the manuals and instruction labels on the e-scooter will be in Chinese. You also won't have any spare inner tubes or tyres. 


Product Authentication Check
To see if your Xiaomi M365 is an official Xiaomi product, all you need to do is locate the 13-digit number IMEI number (see image for number in red circle) on both the packaging box and on the e-scooter. Then click on this link https://www.mi.com/global/verify/#/en/tab/imei and enter the 13-digit number (N.B. The default message is for a Xiaomi phone but it does signify whether your e-scooter is authentic).

Best Solution: Buy from Pure Scooters, we are an authorised Xiaomi reseller and if there is a problem then it is covered by UK warranty and will be repaired in the UK, all costs covered by us.

3. It is likely to take weeks, if not months to arrive
At best, if buying from China, it will take 30-50 days to arrive and you will pay £35 for this slow delivery. This is because the electric scooter will need to be delivered to the UK from the Far East by sea. In addition, it will need to cleared by UK customs, which can also add time. If you want it to be delivered within 3-5 days the delivery costs skyrocket to c. £200!

Best Solution: Buy from Pure Scooters and it will be delivered via next day delivery for FREE.


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