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Battery Health Guide

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Our battery technology, developed from the work of our engineering team, provides high quality battery systems in all Pure e-scooters.

But looking after your battery’s health is still an important aspect of owning an e-scooter (helping ensure you have the best owner experience possible). Here are our top guides for maintaining and looking after the health of your Pure e-scooter battery.


Make sure you only use the approved Pure charger that comes with your Pure scooter in its original box. If you purchased a fast charger, make sure your Pure scooter is compatible (details can be found in the fast charger manual and box).

Charging should always be attended and not left overnight.

Ensure the environment is between 5 – 40 degrees Celsius (41 – 104F) while the scooter is on charge.

Storage and Use

Make sure you store you Pure e-scooter in a cool, dry space and only use in temperatures between 0 – 40 degrees Celsius (32 – 104F) for optimal battery health.

If you’re not planning to use the scooter for a long time, it’s best to store it with the battery at 50% / half charge.

Repairs and Error Codes

Never attempt to repair the battery or battery wiring of your Pure scooter yourself. Always seek a professional for these services. Your scooter’s built in error codes help detect issues early and the Pure rider support team is always on hand if one occurs.

If an error code related to battery voltage appears (see the manual for error code lists), stop using the scooter immediately and contact Pure Electric or your retailer if not purchased from Pure Electric.

How are Pure Electric batteries designed to maintain battery health?

+ The batteries are all automotive grade cells from LG and EVE – two well-known and widely used suppliers.

+ Complies to stringent battery standards and regulations found globally including:

  • UN38.3- battery transport
  • IEC62133 – electrical safety
  • UL2271 – battery safety

+ Our batteries also have the following sensing and protection systems inbuilt.

  • Overvoltage protection with redundancy
  • Over charge current protection with redundancy
  • Short circuit protection with redundancy
  • Over temperature protection with redundancy
  • Under voltage protection.

All these steps highlight the quality of Pure e-scooter batteries. Combined with the steps you take to properly look after your e-scooter batteries, you’ll help ensure your Pure e-scooter’s batteries health is maintained.