8Tev Electric Scooter Warranty

What is the warranty cover?

The warranty backed by the distributor, 8TEV Limited, is for a time period of 18 months - within 7 days of purchase, every customer needs to register on the www.8tev.com website.

The warranty includes:

  • Manufacturing faults detected upon the product’s receipt by the customer
  • Faults encountered in the electric power system, inclusive of the engine, battery and controller
  • Manufacturing defects in the diverse product parts which were revealed during the first week of product use

What does the warranty exclude?

The purchaser agrees and is aware that the device must be repaired solely at the Scootin LTD/8TEV LTD lab and any repair that will be carried out in another lab will cancel the warranty.

The warranty does not include/cover:

  • Any fractures/ruptures or loss of plastic parts including but not limited to the choke, charging port, handlebar switches and plastic flaps
  • Any use of the product for commercial purposes, rental, competitions or freight towing
  • Any use of components that were not supplied by the manufacturer or by us (non-genuine parts)
  • Bending of the aluminium parts, including but not limited to the fork and the folding mechanism due to unreasonable use (including but not limited to power exertion on the handlebars, bumping into barriers/obstacles including walls or sidewalks, intentional or unintentional damage and punctured tyres or inner tubes) rupturing of the folding mechanism which occurred due to an unopened latch
  • Any misuse of the product or any use other than in accordance with our instructions (including the instructions set out in this warranty) may render this warranty null and void.

More information

For more information and full terms and conditions please visit the manufacturer statement here.

How do I make a claim?

Customer contacts 8TEV Ltd by calling +44207387 2189 or via email info@8tev.com any claims send to email or come to the service centre at 329 Euston Road, NW1 3AD