Super73 Electric Bikes

The Super73 electric bike is part of an American lifestyle adventure brand with motorcycle heritage. From Southern California, the Super73 e-bike has single-handedly led the charge in pioneering a new approach to help redefine personal electric transport.

Super73 ZG Electric Bike - 2021
Super73 ZG Electric Bike - 2021
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Super73 ZX Electric Hybrid Bike - 2022
Super73 ZX Electric Hybrid Bike - 2022
Battery Charger for Super73 SG
Battery Charger for Super73 ZG

Combining motorcycle heritage and youth culture, Super73 was inspired by the small vintage motorcycles made popular in 1970s Southern California (where the brand is based). Founded in 2016, the company represents thoughtful design, responsible manufacturing, and community engagement.

Super73 electric bikes give you the fun of motorcycling without the noise and grease! The R-series comes with a technologically-advanced drive system, while the S-series is a multi-purpose urban e-bike. Then there’s the Z-series, which has an integrated battery and low rider cruising style for effortless commuting.

The Super73-ZX is the newest addition to the Z-series line, providing adventure to those who may not need the power of the RX. It’s ideal for those with families and urban commutes, who use their weekends to explore.

This model has a lighter aluminium frame and a larger removable battery, plus improved ergonomics—and can even accommodate a second passenger. As well as four pedal-assist modes, the 10-Speed Rear Derailleur lets you adapt your pedalling style for virtually any terrain.

Meanwhile, the Super73-ZG is an entry-level electric bike with a sleek cruiser-style design, a long banana seat, adjustable handlebars and simple 3-level speed options. Perfect for fun and easy rides around town.

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  • Every Super73 e-bike for sale via Pure Electric is fully street-legal. Even though they’re inspired by motorcycles (with all the fun of riding one), the bikes are certified as Electric Pedal Assist Cycles (EPAC) and fall in the e-bike category. You can ride them on the road or on a cycle path—anywhere you’d ride a traditional bike. No registration, permit, or licence required.

    With some Super73 models, you can add the Off-Road Experience package that includes a throttle and an extra-wide handlebar. These e-bikes can only be ridden on private land, and you should check your local regulations for further information.


  • As we mentioned, Super73 products are classed as electric (EPAC) bikes under UK law. That means they have to comply with certain regulations, including a maximum assisted speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h). Don’t worry, though—you can still go faster than that if you want to (and if your legs are up to it!). The motor will simply cut out once you’ve reached 15.5mph.

    All Super73 e-bikes use the Pedal Assist System (PAS), which activates the motor when you pedal. The Cadence Sensor can tell when you’re pedalling, while the Torque Sensor measures how much pressure you’re applying. 


  • Every Super73 electric bike has superior build quality, making the collection robust and durable as well as comfortable to ride. The ZX has an aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminium alloy frame, which is lighter and more rigid than steel—and aluminium is rust and corrosion-resistant, too.

    As for the battery, the life-cycle can range from 500 to 1200 (which refers to a full charge and discharge), equalling a life expectancy of 18 months to three years for a typical battery. To maximise battery life, don’t charge it for more than 48 hours, expose it to high temperatures, or store the bike for more than 24 hours with an empty battery.


  • Range (the distance you can travel on a single charge) depends on several factors, including rider weight, speed, temperature, wind conditions, tyre pressure, and terrain.

    It also depends which model of Super73 you choose­—for example, the ZX comes with a 615Wh battery and a brand-new motor capable of outputting up to 1350 watts of peak power, which provides an estimated 40–80+ km of range depending on the pedal-assist mode. Meanwhile, the ZG model offers 20–32km+ of range.

    If you use the ECO pedal assist mode, you’ll get an estimated 50+ miles of range. The throttle-only operation provides an estimated 30+ miles of range at 20mph.


  • Like the song says, it never rains in Southern California. . . but that’s not quite the case in the UK! Luckily, it’s fine to ride your Super73 e-bike in the rain. However, be aware that the Super73 is not designed for use in heavy rain, puddles, or riding through streams—and you should take extra care when riding in wet conditions.

    The Super73 must never be immersed in water, as this may damage the electrical system. If your bike is stored outdoors in wet weather, make sure the battery connectors are covered and dry before placing your battery on it.