Specialized Electric Bikes

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Pairing Californian design and Swiss engineering, Specialized’s powerful e-bikes are created by riders, for riders. When Specialized branched out into electric bikes in 2009, the designers were determined to create an e-bike that they themselves would want to ride—an e-bike that enhanced the rider’s own power rather than replacing it.

The Turbo range has you covered for everything from mountain trails to city-centre commutes. Specialized electric mountain bikes and Specialized e-road bikes include full-power or super-light options to suit your preference, described as “4x You” or “2x You” to reflect how the technology turbo-charges the rider’s strength.

From road to gravel to dirt track, the powerful motors run smoothly and quietly for a natural feel. You can even connect your bike via ANT+ and/or Bluetooth® to Specialized’s own Mission Control App, which gives you full customisation options for the motor.

Whether you’re riding a Specialized e-mountain bike or a Specialized electric road bike, all batteries have intuitive charging solutions and an advanced Battery Management System to ensure optimal performance and maximise your range.

Specialized also sells all the accessories you’ll need, alongside “regular” mountain bikes and road bikes for adults and kids. Check out the list of Specialized electric bikes UK stores to find your nearest retailer and try the e-bikes for size.

  • Specialized electric bikes have a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). This is to comply with strict regulations governing e-bikes in the UK. If an electric bike does not meet these requirements, it is classed as a motorcycle or moped—so you’d have to register and tax it, and get a licence. Although electric bikes must be pedal-powered, the motor can deliver additional assistance up to a maximum of 250W. Once the e-bike reaches its maximum permitted speed, the motor automatically cuts out. After that, it’s all about the power of your legs!

  • Battery capacity is measured in Watt-hours, and the greater the number, the greater the potential range of the electric bike. “Range” means the distance the e-bike can travel on a single charge. Specialized electric hybrid bikes have a range of between 50 and 110 miles (40km to over 180km), so the battery will last for however long it takes you to ride that distance.

    If you ride your Specialized electric bike in its most powerful mode, the battery will drain faster. Terrain, rider weight, and environmental factors also play a part, and battery capacity will decrease with time and use (plus very cold conditions). If you do run out of battery, you can still pedal home!


  • Specialized e-bikes are made by Specialized, an American company founded in 1974. They became well-known for creating mountain bikes, and developed their first electric bike in 2009. Research and development takes place in Cham, Switzerland (a place that’s obsessed with e-bikes) before fine-tuning at Specialized’s headquarters in Morgan Hill, California.  

    The company’s mission is to deliver safe, long-lasting, and high-performing bikes (and equipment), while maintaining a commitment to sustainability through initiatives like recycled materials and zero-landfill packaging. Specialized is also involved with partners in the riding community to promote better health through cycling and make it more accessible.