E-Scooter & E-Bike Lights

Ride safe and be seen. Our range of LED-powered lights add to your e-bike or e-scooter’s built-in units to improve your visibility to others around you. Look out for higher lumen outputs for brightness and larger battery capacities for longer burn times, as well as compact sizes to save handlebar space.   

Save £6
Knog Pulse Front Light
Knog Pulse Rear Light
Save £7
Blackburn - Click USB Rechargable Rear Light 2018: Black
Save £4
Moon Merak Front Light
Save £15
Knog Blinder X Front Lights
Knog Blinder X Rear Lights
Save £15
Knog Blinder Square Front Lights
Knog Blinder Square Rear Lights
Save £10
Moon Orion Rear Light
Save £9
Moon Nebula Rear Light
Save £3
Moon Gemini Rear Light