Raleigh Motus 2022 Electric Bikes

Historic British brand Raleigh’s new Motus electric bike range has landed! Fresh for 2022, the Motus has been redesigned to fit in with our diverse everyday lifestyles. With new, sleek designs and integrations aimed at making e-bike ownership and use a pleasure, the new Motus range features the latest e-bike technology that makes your experience better.

Whether you want an e-bike for the daily commute, weekend touring or everyday errands (and everything in between), Raleigh has a Motus model for you. Check out the brand new range.

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  • The Raleigh Motus 2022 range gives you a great choice between e-bikes with different gear systems - hub or derailleur. But what do either of those terms mean?

    Derailleur systems (the more common of the two options) operate using a mechanical arm to move the chain from one sprocket to the next.


      • More gearing options
      • Easier to fix and maintain
      • A lighter option, therefore offering slightly quicker acceleration


      • More maintenance is required (every few hundred miles you'll need to clean & re-oil the chain)


    Hub gears are hidden away within a sealed drivetrain unit and the gears are selected internally.


      • Longer life span
      • Significantly less maintenance (as the mechanism is encased and therefore protected from the elements)


      • Smaller range of gears
      • Not as efficient as a derailleur system and slightly more expensive to fix if there is a problem