Raleigh Electric Bikes

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Raleigh is a household name in the cycling world, and it was the first UK cycle maker to market electrically-assisted bicycles back in the 1990s—so it’s not surprising that the Raleigh e-bike has excellence built-in.

The feather-light but powerful motor is designed to add some oomph to your ride so you can ride further and faster without the irritating whir of an engine. And the range includes something for every taste and budget.

Raleigh electric bikes come in crossbar, low-step, or open-frame designs, while the Raleigh ladies e-bike is designed to be comfortable for women. There’s even a Raleigh folding e-bike that folds in seconds, ready to store in a cupboard or a car boot, or take on a train.

Raleigh also offers electric cargo bikes and trikes, which are eco-friendly as well as practical. With a large storage box mounted on the front for easy maneuverability, you can carry kids, pets, shopping, or deliveries up to 100 kg.

These bikes can reach up to 50 miles on a single charge, so they’re ideal for travelling short distances while saving the planet (and saving money, too).

  • Founded in Nottingham in 1887, Raleigh is one of the world's oldest and best-known bike brands—famous for iconic bikes like the Chopper, Grifter, and Burner.

    These days the company is part of Netherlands-based bicycle company Accell Group, but Raleigh hasn’t forgotten its roots and is still proudly based in its hometown.  

    Accell Group owns a wide range of bike brands throughout Europe, and is a market leader in electric bikes. That means Raleigh shares the latest knowledge and technology with brands all over the world, benefiting from insider info that helps make a Raleigh e-bike just as exceptional as their famous forerunners.


  • To comply with EU law, the motor on an e-bike may only assist the rider up to a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. But an electric bike can go as fast as you can propel it. It’s just that after you hit the max speed, you’ll have to do all the work yourself!

    Raleigh e-bikes use pedal assist, where the motor is only activated when the pedals are already in motion. Most have four assistance levels (Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo), with handlebar controls to switch between them. Increase power to tackle steep climbs, or decrease when you want a workout.


  • The battery on a Raleigh electric bike has a capacity of between 250wh to 500wh (the larger the capacity, the more energy it can store, meaning you can ride for longer between charges). For example, the 500Wh option gives you up to 220km on a single charge.

    When you see Raleigh e-bikes for sale, you’ll know that they use the best components. That includes reliable Bosch lithium ion batteries, which are super-light and great at holding their charge.

    All Raleigh road bikes, including the Raleigh electric folding bike, have a handlebar display unit that provides info about your ride—including how long your current charge will last.

  • The Raleigh Motus 2022 range gives you a great choice between e-bikes with different gear systems - hub or derailleur. But what do either of those terms mean?

    Derailleur systems (the more common of the two options) operate using a mechanical arm to move the chain from one sprocket to the next.


    • These offer more gearing options
    • Are easier to fix and maintain
    • Are lighter and therefore slightly quicker to accelerate


    • Require more maintenance (every few hundred miles you will need to clean & re-oil the chain)


    Hub gears are sealed internally within the unit by the pedals.


    • Longer life span and signifcantly less maintenance (as the mechanism is encased and therefore protected from the elements)
    • Allow you to shift gears while stationary


    • Smaller range of gears
    • Aren't as efficient as Derailleurs (however hub gears will not deteiorate in efficiency and will get better the more the hub gear is used)