Kids Electric Scooters

A kid’s electric scooter is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for young thrill-seekers who have the need for speed.

We mainly stock children's e-scooters from Razor - one of the leading kid’s e-scooter manufacturers – ideally suited for boys and girls aged 8 years and older. We also have some three-wheeled electric scooters perfect for younger children.

Our electric scooters for kids are perfect for preteens, we’d recommend that teenagers try the slightly larger more powerful Razor E Prime Air. Its vital to keep your little ones safe whilst riding by ensuring they always wear a kid's helmet.

Are children's electric scooters legal in UK? 

Children’s electric scooters are legal to ride only on private land with the landowner’s permission. They are not legal to use on public roads or cycle paths.  

Read more here about electric scooter laws here. 

What age can a child ride an electric scooter? 

Children can ride any privately-owned e-scooter as long as it is on private land and with the landowner’s permission. However, we strongly recommend that children only ride e-scooters that are designed specifically for their age group. 

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to ride rental electric scooters – those aged 16-18 years must hold a provisional or full driver’s licence with the ‘Q’ category listed. 

What age is a 3-wheel scooter for? 

There is no one age rule for a three-wheeled electric scooter – please check with the manufacturer for minimum and maximum age guidance. Remember, although a manufacturer can set a suitable age for its products, you are still responsible for your child to follow the law when riding one. 

Can a child ride an electric scooter on the pavement? 

No. The pavement remains illegal to use for ALL electric scooters. 

How much is an electric scooter for a child? 

High quality kid’s electric scooters can range from around £100 to £250, depending on their size and power.