• ‘Are folding e-bikes worth it?’ is one of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to folding electric bikes. 

    One of the main benefits of a folding e-bike is its small dimensions. As they fold away, they are effective space-savers versus normal e-bikes, so it’s worth checking out the folded dimensions to ensure it can stash away where you need it to. 

    You can find e-bikes that fold in the middle on a hinge, or in a compound manner that tucks both the front and rear wheels away.  

    Just like ordinary e-bikes, ensure that the motor and battery are suited to you and give you the best folding electric bike for you, offering enough power and range to make your ride easy. The great thing about folding e-bikes is that they tend to weigh less than full size e-bikes, making them easier to carry up stairs.  

    Even better for some, you don’t need to book them onto public transport either because they fit in luggage racks and are considered luggage when folded. 

  • The Eovolt City One and the Eovolt City Four folding e-bikes are the lightest models that we stock, weighing 14kg. Eovolt is a French manufacturer of e-bikes, specialising in compact urban transport solutions where space is at a premium, and at great value.  

    These light, foldable electric bikes are perfect for those who need to carry their bikes during a commute. 

  • If you have limited storage in your home or space is a premium then you won’t find smaller than a Brompton electric bike.  

    The smallest folding e-bikes are made by Brompton, with each of its models collapsing down easily into 64.5cm (H) x 58.5cm (W) x 27cm (D).  

    These e-bikes offer a great for either folding up and putting under your desk at work, or collapsing on the train for your commute.