Eovolt Electric Bikes

Eovolt electric bikes blend innovative chic French design with practicality and comfort. Lightweight yet sturdy an Eovolt bike is a bold statement that provides everyday convenience..

An Eovolt city electric folding bike is ideal for saving you time and energy in the big city, while allowing you to care for the environment. All Eovolt electric bikes come with powerful batteries and motors allowing you to keep on going no matter the distance! Buy your Eovolt folding electric bike now to avoid disappointment!

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Eovolt Morning 16" Electric Folding Bike - 2022 Black
Eovolt Morning 16" Electric Folding Bike - 2022 Desert Sand
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Eovolt Afternoon 20" Electric Folding Bike - 2022 Onyx Black
Eovolt Afternoon 20" Electric Folding Bike - 2022 Sage Green
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Eovolt Evening 24" Semi Folding Electric Bike - 2022 Onyx Black
Eovolt Evening 24" Semi Folding Electric Bike - 2022 Sage Green

Designed and manufactured in France, the Eovolt folding electric bike is powerful, lightweight and ultra-compact. The bikes fold in just 10 seconds, so you can easily store them in your car, motorhome, boat, or city apartment.

Riders can choose from four different models, all created to make your trips easier and give your own abilities an electrically-powered boost. Each Eovolt bike has an on-board computer displaying all your ride information, plus an integrated USB port for mobile devices.

Every Eovolt e-bike has its battery integrated into the seat post, which provides the perfect balance as the battery weight is located centrally directly below the rider. When it needs charging, simply remove the seat post and plug the battery into a convenient socket.

City4Speed is the lightest of the Eovolt bikes, weighing only 14kg thanks to its aluminium alloy frame pairing lightness and rigidity. City X is the premium version, with three mechanical, a BAFANG motor, torque sensor and hydraulic disc brakes. The belt transmission avoids the risk of chain rust.

The Confort bike has large tyres and 20-inch wheels for optimum damping and stability, plus a Shimano 7-speed derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes. Its premium version, Confort X, has a pneumatic suspension fork for the ultimate comfortable ride.

  • Eovolt electric bikes are produced in the city of Genas (69) in the Lyon region of France, all assembled by hand in the company’s own warehouses by a team of professionals and enthusiasts. By retaining total control of the assembly process, they are able to deliver consistently high-quality electric bikes.

    Eovolt is meticulous in its choice of components and partners, to ensure that customers always receive durable products that align with the company’s values. All the e-bikes undergo a rigorous quality control process. In fact, the frames of all Eovolt bikes are guaranteed for life (electrical parts are guaranteed for two years).


  • The Eovolt City bikes have LG brand lithium-ion batteries, which are made to be long-lasting and hold their charge. Plus, the EOVOLT City X has a BAFANG torque sensor, which saves your battery as well as naturally assisting your pedalling.

    In terms of range, the City models give you between 20 and 50 km, while the Confort models can offer up to 100km with the Samsung 14 Ah battery. Whichever Eovolt electric bike you choose, you can maximise range by riding smoothly and using the lower assistance modes. Rider weight and environmental factors also play their part.


  • The Eovolt City electric folding bike helps you to reach speeds of 25 km/h in all conditions, powered by an engine with five levels of assistance. City X’s epicyclic reduction hub allows you to change gears effortlessly, even when stationary.

    The Confort models offer the same assisted speed—which is the highest allowed under UK laws for electric cycles. When the max assisted speed is reached and the motor drops out, it’s all about your own ability!

    All Eovolt bikes have a 250w motor and Brushless technology, which means you don't feel any friction when the electric assistance is not in use.