Electric Mountain Bikes

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An electric mountain bike (sometimes referred to as an e-mountain bike or an e-MTB) is the same as a normal mountain bike but has a motor that assists with pedalling. The pedal assist will help you tackle gradients more easily and accelerate to top speeds faster.  

This means when hitting the trails with an e-MTB you’ll be able to reach peaks more easily and get a more fluid ride. The added power will also help you attack a course with more speed and aggression, as you’ll expend less energy reaching top speeds as you would with a normal mountain bike. 

Alternatively, riding an electric mountain bike can just be a means to help you keep up on trails with fitter friends - there are many benefits. 

Do all electric mountain bikes have full suspension? 

Our range is mainly filled with full suspension electric mountain bikes but you can get e-MTBs with front suspension only - bikes without rear suspension are known as hardtail bikes.  

If you are riding particularly tough terrain or just want the most cushioned ride, then you should opt for a dual suspension e-bike that has both front and rear suspension.  

Dual suspension e-bikes have lots of other advantages too as they allow for bigger jumps and steeper descents. 

They also have the advantage of allowing you to stay in the saddle for longer as you won’t have to stand up every time the trail gets rough. This means your back and legs won’t get as tired as the rear shock is absorbing the impacts rather than your body. 

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