Cube Electric Bikes

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From trail-shredding performance e-MTB bikes to urban jungle-ready hybrid e-bikes, Cube has an e-bike for you. 

For the off-road trails, a Cube Electric Mountain Bike provides that welcome boost when you need it the most, allowing you to traverse even the most challenging terrain. A Cube full-suspension e-bike is ideal for the city too, easily navigating curbs and other urban obstacles.

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  • The maximum range (the distance the e-bike will go on a single charge) depends on a number of factors. Cube e-bikes use advanced Bosch lithium-ion batteries, which can provide enormous range (as well as long service life and easy handling).

    For example, the Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro (a Cube electric mountain bike) has an assisted range of up to 82km from its Bosch 625Wh battery. The Touring Hybrid, meanwhile, has a 500Wh Bosch PowerTube battery that gives you up to 51km of assisted range.

    To maximise range, it’s important to ride as economically as you can, and pay attention to factors like tyre pressure, pedal cadence, and temperature.

  • Cube was founded in 1993 in the Fichtel Mountains of north-eastern Bavaria, and the company is still based there today. Staying in touch with its regional roots, CUBE is one of the area's leading employers with a 1,000-strong workforce.

    Cube’s advanced facilities include a 15,000 m² in-house innovation center, testlab and showroom, and a 55,000+ m² bike production and logistic center in Waldershof. The firm remains owner-managed, with all products created to meet the most rigorous demands.

    Every Cube hybrid e-bike and safety-relevant component is tested in Cube's own test laboratory, then in real-world conditions by engineers and team riders.

  • On a Cube electric bike, SL stands for Super Light, and refers to the aluminium used in construction. This means the e-bike will be particularly light, but it will also be very stable due to the high-tensile stiffness of the frame.

    If you’re going to be transporting your bike, or even pushing it along when you need to dismount, a lightweight design is ideal—and it’s also perfect for smaller riders, which is why the CUBE Acid 240 Rookie Hybrid is an “SL” bike.

    Other acronyms to look out for when choosing e-bikes include C:62: Carbon Fibre; C:68: Higher grade Carbon Fibre; and ARG: Aggressive Race Geometry.


  • Like most other electric bikes on the market, Cube e-bikes have a max assisted speed of 25 km/h. That’s because there are strict regulations around e-bikes and scooters, and Cube products have to comply with UK law.

    In practical terms, this just means that the pedal-assist technology will help you reach 25 km/h when you need it to. But as soon as you hit that speed, the motor cuts out and it’s over to you to give the e-bike as much power as your legs can manage! If you can pedal faster than that, go for it.