Brakes, Pads & Gear Cables

Make sure that your e-bike and e-scooter can stop and shift effectively with replacement brake sets and parts, including pads, for your e-bike and e-scooter. Also find replacement gear cables for e-bike drivetrains too.

Jagwire Deorem 515/Nex C501 Semi Metallic Disc Pad
Jagwire Brake Block Linear Black 70mm Mountain Sport
Jagwire Block LNR O/Set Post 70mm
Jagwire Block LNR O/Set Post 70mm - Red
Jagwire Brake Pad Road Sport S Power
Jagwire Brake Block Mountain Pro Insert Red
Jagwire Cable V Brake Lead Pipe 135 Degree 5mm
Jagwire Brake Blocks Post Mount Black Mountain Sport