Babboe Electric Cargo Bikes

Are you considering a more eco-friendly transport option? Then look no further than a Babboe  cargo bike. All Babboe electric cargo bikes have a 250 W motor with a 36 Volt battery making them ideal for longer distances or hilly terrain.

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Babboe has been making safe and affordable cargo bikes for almost 15 years, and there's a Babboe electric cargo bike to suit everyone’s needs—whether you’re a young family, a pet owner, or a self-employed delivery driver.

The idea is to provide a safe but fun way for families to carry out daily activities, from the school run to a shopping trip. With a cargo bike, there’s plenty of room for little people, furry friends, and a stack of groceries. Accessories include rain tents and baby seats.

The three-wheel Big model can accommodate four children, and the benches fold away if you need to transport something else. It’s also got a special brake for fast and easy parking, preventing the cargo bike from rolling away!

The City cargo bike is manoeuvrable and slender with room for two kids. And for weekend adventures, there’s the Slim—it’s agile enough for longer distances, and you can keep an eye on the passengers as they’re seated in front of you.

Babboe even makes a special bike for transporting dogs, as well as a super-fast bike and two sturdy trikes for delivery riders. In all the electric models, a Yamaha mid-drive motor adapts the amount of assistance to your own leg power.

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  • Babboe was founded in Doorn in the bike-loving Netherlands, where a group of parents started searching for the ideal cargo bike in 2005. Not finding what they wanted, they decided to develop their own in cooperation with an engineering firm—and the Babboe cargo bike was born.

    Today, Babboe’s HQ is in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and Babboe cargo bikes are sold in more than 30 countries. In 2009 the company created an electric version of the popular Babboe Big, whose success led them to equip all models with electric pedal assistance.

    Babboe is committed to sustainability, with all boxes made of beech and birch plywood from European sustainable forestry.


  • The idea is that Babboe bikes are lightweight enough for easy handling, yet sturdy enough to keep you and your precious cargo safe. The combined weight of the box, frame, and components varies between models­—for example, the Mini is 51kg, while the Carve is 69kg (both have a box load capacity of 80kg).

    The Pro Trike is slightly heavier in order to support the extra weight of its potentially large cargo. The Trike weighs 90kg, and has a load capacity of 100kg. There’s plenty of room for parcels taking up to 300 litres of volume!


  • Not at all. They are engineered to be stable, even with the maximum weight on board. If you’re carrying live cargo, be it kids or pets, they’ll be secured with seat belts so they can’t wriggle about and affect the balance.

    As an example, the City model is highly manoeuvrable. It has the same steering motion as a regular bicycle, so you can take off instantly. Meanwhile, the Carve combines stability with agility—the “carve mechanism” lets the box move with you when taking corners, so it feels as natural as a traditional cycle.

    To test drive a Babboe e-bike, visit one of Pure Electric’s stores.


  • Electric cargo bikes can be used for pretty much anything you need to carry. That includes babies, children, dogs, cats, or your weekly shopping—while the delivery bikes and trikes can transport everything from parcels to pizzas.

    For kids and pets, there are various security features such as robust seatbelts and handy “shackles” to attach dog leashes to. Some models come with steps or doors, so your children can easily get in and out. The dog cargo bikes feature ramps so pooches can walk in and out on their own.