VIDEO: Top 5 premium electric scooters for 2021

Electric scooters come in all shapes and sizes, and although many look incredibly similar, some are designed to stand out from the crowd and deliver increased levels of speed, power, robustness and more besides.

When on the lookout for a new electric scooter, one of the key things to decide on is how you’re intending to use it, and match up the features that will deliver the performance and usability that you’re after. And, with one eye on the future, many people look for an e-scooter that takes the basic recipe of an entry-level e-scooter and adds a little bit more.

From the Unagi Model One to the Bird One, in our latest YouTube video, Michelle runs through five models that we think are sure to make an impact in the premium e-scooter market as we head into 2021. 

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