Top reasons to consider an e-bike in 2022

E-bike popularity is surging, as many of us look for cheaper, safer, more eco-friendly transport.

We’d love as many people as possible to start enjoying the freedom and community e-biking brings.

So, with more and more riders joining the electric two-wheel revolution, here are our top reasons to make the switch.

Makes commuting a breeze

Getting around cities can be expensive, stressful and polluting. But an electric bike is your ticket to an easy, reliable commute that gives you total independence. That extra power gives you everything you need to cover more ground in less time. While the average speed of a car in central London is 7.4mph, an e-bike can reach up to 15mph almost instantly. So you can take on hills, go further and save time and money – without breaking a sweat (literally).

Better for the planet

Less congestion, less toxic air. Electric bikes offer a sustainable way to ride, without the emissions created by cars and buses. In fact, the European Cyclists’ Federation states e-bikes create a negligible 2.5 to 5 grams of carbon per mile, compared to an electric car’s 150 grams per mile.

Better for your wallet

Transport costs are soaring – a mile on an e-bike is now 15 times cheaper than in a car. * Steer clear of fuel hikes by bypassing the petrol pumps and taking the bike lane instead. With flexible finance options – such as pay-monthly plans you can spread the cost of an e-bike, while making big travel savings.

Take more control

Bike accidents often happen when a cyclist is unable to quickly swerve hazards. E-bikes help you quickly accelerate away from danger, make speedy manoeuvres and keep up with the flow of traffic – even on hills.

No uphill struggles

Some hills are enough to put anyone off cycling. It helps to have a powerful motor, with the traction to pull you up even the most intimidating inclines with ease.

An easy way to stay active

We all know cycling keeps us fit but when faced with long journeys and steep hills, many of us shy away from pedalling. A report by the Transport Research Laboratory found e-bike owners are twice as likely to ride their bikes at least once a week than regular bike owners. E-bikes are fun and freeing – making it much easier and more appealing to get the bike out the shed and stay active.

Boost mental health

Spending more time on your bike doesn’t just boost your body – it helps the mind too. Cycling on an e-bike is a low-impact form of exercise, so it gets your body moving without overexertion.

Cycling has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, as it releases endorphins and helps you breathe deeply. This oxygen boost can help you feel present in the moment, while reducing stress and anxiety.

Super sociable

Cycling is a great way to build community and enjoy time with friends and family. Electric bikes help with mixed ability rides, such as family days out, as they make it easier for less experienced cyclists to keep up. And with less effort required, you can hold a conversation while you pedal.

Now find your perfect match

Let’s find the right e-bike for you, so you can start enjoying lower transport costs, an easier commute and more freedom. Visit out store today to meet our friendly experts, seek advice and try out different models.


**Calculation based on the cost of charging an e-bike vs petrol to fuel Internal Combustion Car