Key accessories for your Electric Scooter


Ready to take your new electric scooter out for a ride? As excited as you may be to go out on your new wheels, it’s worth considering the extra accessories that will help you get the most out of your scooter. From essentials which keep you safe to add-ons that make your scooter even more convenient and unique. Here’s our guide to the best electric scooter accessories.




Although riding an e-scooter is a lot of fun, it comes with its own dangers and risks.. Your e-scooter will be travelling at the same speed as a bike - around 15mph - and so it’s crucial you protect yourself. Helmets have come a long way and can do a good job of protecting your head while also looking good. Check out the best electric scooter helmets on the market.




Electric scooters are desirable items - so prevent theft with a decent lock. Our specially sourced scooter locks are really resilient and attractive, with varying degrees of security depending on how long and where you plan to leave your e-scooter.



If you plan on riding your e-scooter at night time we recommend extra lights. While some of our e-scooters already come with an inbuilt headlight, it’s not a standard feature across all models. We offer headlights and rear lights to improve your vision and visibility in the dark. The addition of a headlight will also drastically improve your vision of the surface and obstacles ahead and a tail light will ensure you are more noticeable from behind - especially useful when travelling early/ late or in bad weather. If your e-scooter does not come with inbuilt lights, then this addition is a must-have to improve your safety and help you feel more secure.

Puncture Protection Fluid


Tube Sealant

If your e-scooter has air-filled tyres, punctures are an unfortunate, yet unavoidable, part of e-scooter life. This problem can be easily prevented with puncture protection fluid. It is a genius invention that seals the inner tube and provides ongoing protection from punctures. Simply fill the tyre with the recommended amount and the fluid will automatically find and seal any hole as soon as it occurs - sometimes before you even notice the puncture has happened! Investing in this when you buy your e-scooter will save you cost and inconvenience in the long-run, making it a truly essential part of your e-scooter accessory kit. 

Phone Holder

Phone Holder

Many of us use phone holders in our cars - so why not use one on your e-scooter?  It will keep your hands free to steer, keep your navigation maps in clear view and let you see who’s calling.


Your e-scooter requires little to no maintenance and can last years. Building an accessory kit is a great way to help prolong its lifetime and update and refresh your riding experience. We stock an ever-expanding range of accessories to help make riding even more convenient and fun, so sign up to our newsletter for regular new product updates.