The five benefits of the Xiaomi M365 vs Ninebot Segway ES2

May 20th 2020

If you're looking for an entry-level electric scooter from a mainstream, reliable manufacturer, you may be deciding whether to buy Xiaomi M365 or Ninebot Segway ES2. With both representing a great value entry point to electric scooting, it can be tough to work out which one is best for you. 

Spoiler alert: At Pure Electric, the Xiaomi M365 has always impressed us for its lightweight, easily foldable and sleek design. But there’s definitely more to it than that - these are the five reasons why a Xiaomi M365 is the Pure Electric pick.  

1. Better ride quality 

The M365 comes fitted with air-filled tyres, which are the single biggest factor contributing to improved ride quality. They allow much greater deflection over poor surfaces, making dealing with obstacles like potholes and small kerbs much easier. 

Although the ES2 features both front and rear suspension units, which provide some shock absorption, this doesn’t fully make up for the hard ride of the solid tyres.

2. More stable handling 

The M365 houses its heavy battery components under the deck, while the ES2 has some of these components installed in the vertical stem section. In essence, this means that the M365 has a lower centre of gravity.  

Consequently, when braking and cornering, the M365 feels more composed because there is less mass higher up the e-scooter to influence the handling.  

At the same time, the M365’s air-filled tyres also help to produce improved handling versus the ES2, thanks to the better grip they provide. 

3. Greater range 

Range is an important consideration when buying an e-scooter, and the M365’s claimed range is marginally higher than an ES2’s, with a potential 30km vs 25km respectively. 

Although potential range in the real world depends largely on how you ride an e-scooter (for example, use of higher power modes, full throttle acceleration and hill climbing will burn through your battery life faster)we found that that ES2’s 300W motor used its battery’s power more readily than the Xiaomi’s 250W unit.  

Although theoretically the more powerful motor of an ES2 should make it faster on paper, our testing shows how similar the two e-scooters are, while top speeds are limited to 25km/h in both e-scooters. 

4. Improved stopping power 

The M365 also wins out when it comes to braking effectiveness. Two factors play key roles here – firstly, the rear disc brake of the M365 provides more raw force than a rear fender brake, while the ES2’s fender solution requires the rider to shift their balance and footing to activate, which can lead to instability. 

Once again, the air-filled tyres of the M365 also improve the experience here: grippier than the ES2’s solid rubber, the chances of skidding under the same applied force is reduced, enabling a more controlled, effective stop.

5. Best for portability 

When you want to fold down and carry your e-scooter, the M365 is unrivalled thanks to its simple folding mechanism and low weight. 

The ES2 also has a very similar overall weight, but once folded down the M365 is the easier of the two to carry around thanks to its narrower stem, which is easier to grip on the move. Plus, with the batteries stored in the ES2’s stem, we’ve found that it’s harder to balance when folded down and carrying on foot. 

If our insight has helped you make up your mind, great! You can check out which Xiaomi M365 models that we have in stock here.

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