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Six essential tips for looking after your new electric scooter

May 14th 2020

These essential tips will help you to look after your new e-scooter

Riding your new electric scooter for the first time is an exciting experience. Whatever you plan to use it for, you’ll want to jump on it as soon as you can, have some fun and see how it can add to your life. 

At the same time, you’ll want to look after your new investment by making sure that your new e-scooter performs and runs as well as it can. So, we’ve put together these six handy tips that will help to ensure that you can look after your e-scooter properly right from the start. 

1. Set up your new e-scooter carefully  

When you receive your new e-scooter, the natural temptation will be to get it out of the box and start using it as quickly as possible. However, spend some time making sure that you’ve followed the supplied set up instructions carefully.  

This can include attaching handlebars and fastening bolts correctlyas well as fully charging the battery (see more on battery charging in point 3). This is well worth doing carefully and methodically so that you can enjoy your e-scooter as quickly as possible

2. Maintain your tyre pressures 

Your tyres are the only contact patch between you and the ground, which means that they’re incredibly important. Some e-scooters come fitted with solid tyres, but air-filled tyres – ideally fitted with puncture prevention fluid offer a significantly better ride quality while protecting against punctures. 

Making sure that your tyres are pumped up to recommended pressures is beneficial for a number of reasons, including greater puncture resistanceoptimal grip and potentially longer range thanks to reduced rolling resistance.  

Find out more about the importance of tyre pressures and why you should maintain them. We have a range of pumps to choose from.

3. Keep the battery charged from day one 

We’ve already mentioned charging your battery when you first receive your e-scooter, but we also recommend that that first charge should be for eight hours in order to fully ‘prime’ the battery cells. After this, maintaining charge in the battery regularly can also help to maintain longer term battery life. 

Although your e-scooter doesn’t need to be charged after every use, consider putting it on charge at the end of each day at home, even if your battery is only partly discharged. Doing so will help to make sure that the battery retains as much of its capacity as possible through its lifetime, reducing the likelihood of needing to replace it in the future. 

4. Wipe it clean often 

A clean e-scooter is a happy e-scooter! Although many e-scooters are still not designed to be ridden in the rain or on muddy surfaces, it still pays to clean yours periodically so that dust, dirt and grime doesn’t build up. 

Even long-term exposure to dust can cause excess wear on parts, joints and seals, so ensuring that these are regularly wiped down with a damp cloth can help to keep your e-scooter in the best condition possible 

Note: don’t use excess water (e.g. hosepipes or buckets of water and sponge) to wash your e-scooter because this risks water ingress and voiding of the warranty if it doesn’t cover wet conditions.  

5. Regularly check for brake wear  

If your e-scooter has disc brakes, it’s quite a simple job to check for excess wear. You should look out for signs of excess grinding on the brake rotor, as well as thinning of brake pads (if they’re visible), which can indicate that your brake pads have worn down and need replacing. 

You may also be able to hear a metallic rubbing or grinding noise when you apply the brakes on the move, also indicating that your brake surfaces could need cleaning and/or replacing. If you notice one of these signs, your brakes may need servicing. 

6. Book in for a service regularly 

An e-scooter is like any mechanical device thats subject to wear and tearso we advise that they are booked in for a maintenance service every six months, which will help keep on top of larger maintenance issues. These services should be carried out by product specialists to ensure that you get your e-scooter back in perfect working order.  

You’ll be able to check your e-scooter in with our soon-to-open service centres across the country. To find your nearest store and to book an appointment, click here.

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