Ninebot Segway T60 - Bringing electric scooters into a new era

August 23rd 2019

** UPDATE **

We were lucky enough to recently get a first hand experience of the Segway Ninebot T60 - whilst we're some way away from giving you a full preview, from the small amount of time we did have with the scooter, we can confirm we think it's going to be a game changer.

The tri wheel approach definitely gives it a sense of stability we haven't felt before on any of its two wheeled predecessors.

segway ninebot t60

Keep checking back for more updates.

As the popularity of electric scooters grows, it feels like a week doesn't go past without a new e-scooter hitting the market or a new design being leaked. A lot of the time, they are all variations on a tried and tested formula with tweaks to their performance and aesthetics.

So it was with great interest that Segway, those market leaders of all things to do with micro portability, announced at the weekend the release of a new concept scooter the Segway T60.

segway t60

Visually, you know straight away that you're in for something different with the T60 - gone is the traditional 2 wheel approach to electric scootering and in its place is a 3 wheel trike style design, with the front of the scooter harnessing the 2 wheels. The chassis and stem look decidedly futuristic, giving the whole unit a feel of something you might see gliding around the Starship Enterprise or a Millenium Falcon. 

The look and design isn't actually what makes the T60 so interesting though - or rather it's not the only thing that makes it interesting. This new kid on the block is set to cause waves in the e-scooter rental market with some revolutionary technology that literally has to be seen to be believed. 

Segway have developed the T60 so that it can run autonomously and return to a designated point - in the case of the rental market, a charging point - without needing a rider to drive it. Once there, it can charge wirelessly, largely making the need for human "chargers" ( people who wander round collecting abandoned scooters, charge them and earn money for their troubles from the rental company ) redundant. It also solves one of the major issues American cities have with the e-scooter rental market, that of abandoned scooters littering pavements and public areas.

There are few other facts known about the T60 at the moment, except that cost wise it will retail at a much higher price than existing Ninebot Segway electric scooters, potentially around the £1200 mark. Road testing is to be carried out from September onwards, with a view to bring into use commercially in Q1 2020.

Here at Pure Electric we'll be following the development of the launch path of this scooter and will keep you updated as to when you might see it arrive in the UK.


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