Product News: Rumoured Xiaomi September launch for new 1S electric scooter in UK and Europe

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is rumoured to be launching its new 1S e-scooter – an update to the best-selling M365 – later in 2020, according to reports emerging from Asia.

With reports that the new e-scooter has already hit shops in China, the UK and Europe is set to receive its first stock in September 2020, subject to limitations imposed by the current global Coronavirus crisis.

Subtle model updates expected

Having previously stolen a march on its competitors by producing what is widely recognised as the industry-standard e-scooter in the £350-£500 price bracket, the new 1S e-scooter will reportedly see developments designed to improve usability and performance.

Where the old M365 came with a 250W motor, the new 1S is likely to feature a new unit, but will remain limited to 25km/h like the M365. It sticks with a version of the M365’s dual brake system, with a disc rear brake and electric braking through the front wheel.

The stem-mounted dashboard is also rumoured to be updated too, with indicators for remaining battery capacity, speed, drive mode, lights and the locking mechanism, as well as warning symbols for motor temperature and maintenance checks.

Fans of the M365 will be happy with the retention of the convenient folding system that made it easy to carry and store away, while the 1S is claimed to weigh in at 12.5kg – matching its predecessor.

Availability and prices

With reports that China is already seeing stock hitting shelves, the UK and Europe is set for first shipments of the new Xiaomi 1S e-scooter in September 2020, subject to current Coronavirus restrictions, while there are also rumours (see screenshot below) of an expanded range with a further two new models – named the Xiaomi Lite and Xiaomi Pro 2 respectively – on the horizon.

Prices for the 1S are yet to be confirmed, although we can expect a cost in the region of £350-£400 if the reported 1,999 Chinese yuan RRP proves accurate.