Price increases pushing commuters to explore alternative travel options

Financial pressure on the general public has continued to mount this past week, with commuters being hit with increased public transport costs across national and Transport for London services.

Combined with recent TfL tube strikes, many are rethinking how they commute as they aim to reduce costs and keep their means of travel reliable, all while maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Price increases are often understandable for many when a service is reliable, efficient and a pleasure to use. But when it doesn’t meet those criteria, perhaps it’s time to explore other options?

Electric personal transport is an amazing solution, and electric bikes are perfect if you’re looking for something that gets you completely door-to-door. They’re great for those short on time or travelling greater distances, but still wanting to arrive fresh (and without the need for a shower).

E-bikes also represent a great way to reduce the cost of a commute. Following the initial outlay, charging costs are negligible versus the alternative. For someone in London who’s currently buying an annual TfL travelcard1, their cost has just gone up to £1,808 each year, but they could have bought an e-bike like the Pure Flux One outright for just £1,099.

Plus, if you have access to a Cycle-To-Work scheme through your employer, Flux One’s end cost could drop to as little as £637.42 through tax savings – representing a remarkable saving of £1,170 in the first year alone.

Money savings aren’t the only advantage e-bikes hold either. By riding an e-bike you can get to your destination quicker in busy urban areas than by walking or using most road-based types of transport. Plus, most people also find it easier to ride further with an e-bike than they would with an ordinary bike, thanks to the handy pedal assistance.

E-bikes can also help you to improve your health compared to taking public transport. Despite being electric, research shows2 that they’re still good sources of healthy exercise, especially for those with busy lifestyles who may struggle to carve out time for dedicated exercise. And of course, versus the thousands of people who use non-electric cars, buses or trains, you’ll be travelling in a more sustainable way too.

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Another alternative is a folding electric bike – a favourite for many who have a long distance to cover and use a variety of types of transport to reach their end destination.

No matter what your current commute looks like, adding an e-bike into the mix makes a lot of good sense. It’s a great way to avoid queues, timetables, routes, congestion, and most of all… wasted time.

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1 Based on an annual Zone 1-3 travelcard in London.

2 Bourne et al. (2018). Health benefits of electrically-assisted cycling: a systematic review. International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition & Physical Activity.