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Nine reasons to buy a kid’s electric scooter this Christmas

November 24th 2020

Children’s electric scooters have been rising in popularity all year, alongside their adult e-scooter counterparts, which have become more and more visible throughout 2020. This means that kid’s e-scooters have become one of the big ‘must-have’ Christmas gifts this year.

But why should you buy one? Here are nine great reasons why they make amazing Christmas presents!

1. They're lots of fun!

If there’s one thing that a children’s Christmas present should be, it’s fun, and kid’s e-scooters certainly deliver that! Youngsters absolutely love zooming around on one of these eco-friendly machines, plus they’ll like neat little tricks such as the Ninebot Segway Zing E10’s ambient under-deck lighting. Matching it to their favourite colour may even be possible, as the Razor range covers six different colours, too!

2. They get youngsters out in the fresh air

At the best of times, trying to persuade children to stop looking at screens and get out in the fresh air can be a tall order. This of course can get even more tricky in winter. Providing a fun way to get them outside, getting valuable vitamin D, whilst developing great balance skills, can tick a few of boxes.

3. They're green transport that can work for everyone

The UK is currently going through a wonderful green transport revolution. Fuelled in part by the Coronavirus pandemic, people have taken to bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters in great numbers this year. Where it can get difficult is if you have children on these journeys, as shorter legs can tire quickly or struggle to keep up. As long as you're sticking to private lanes, some electrical assist for kids, can be a real help in staying green.

4. They're as safe as bikes

A kid’s e-scooter should be just as safe as a bike, if they have the same safety equipment that they’d use with a bike. Ensuring that they have a well-fitted helmet and lights if they go out at night (and even a bell) can make a huge difference.

5. They build confidence if you buy the right size

All e-scooters come with a recommended age range. This is important to stick to and is part of safe e-scooting; by buying the correct e-scooter for their age, you’ll likely be buying the correct-sized e-scooter too. There should be a little growing room, but the right sized e-scooter will be easier to ride, plus make them more confident in their riding and more likely to use it, safely!

6. Quality enhancements

Razor has been a leading player for children’s electric scooters for some time now, without many serious rivals. However, one of the biggest adult e-scooter brands has recently created its own e-scooter range specially for children: Ninebot Segway! The Zing range is the result – very high quality, and the closest kid’s e-scooter you will find to an adult counterpart. Both Zing models are powered by 200W motors, for example, and have 40mm shock absorption – something many adult e-scooter don’t have!

7. Control through ride modes

With the Zing E8 and E10, Ninebot has really focused on design quality, but also made some very sensible choices about ride modes. Both e-scooters have three modes: a ‘safe’ mode for getting to grips with the machine, the kick-assist ‘cruise’ mode, and ‘turbo’ mode for when they're confident enough (or old enough) to reach top speed, providing your child with choice and confidence.

8. Limited speeds

Both the Razor and Ninebot ranges also help kids control their speed by placing some reasonable maximum speeds on their e-scooters. The Zing E8, for ages 6-12 years, has a top speed of 14km/h (8.7mph), while the Zing E10, for ages 8-14 years, has a maximum speed of 16km/h (10mph). Plus, by using the ‘safe’ riding modes, the speed can be limited further.

Meanwhile, Razor’s Power Core E90, for ages 8+, has a top speed of 18km/h (11mph) and the Power Core E100, also for age 8+ will go 16km/h (10mph). 

9. They're lightweight & portable

With the Zing E8 and E10, you get Ninebot’s great engineering and strong features like regenerative braking and Smart Battery Management systems for longer battery life, but they’re also lightweight and portable too. The E8 weighs in at just 7.9kg while the E10 is 8.4kg; plus, you can fold them really easily without using your hands! Razor’s options come in a little heaver at 9.9kg, but that’s still very light.

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Please remember it is not currently legal to ride any e-scooter on public roads or pavements. Only on private land with the owner's consent.

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